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5 Worthy Smartphone Replacements For Your Galaxy Note 7

Before it blows up your ear, you might want to try these similar alternatives
by Tanya Umali | Oct 14, 2016
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Samsung recently announced the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, and no matter how much you like the phone, the recall was inevitable. However, if you're still a proud owner of one and it hasn't blown up yet, you might want to consider returning for your own safety. 

Should you ask for your money back and purchase a different phone? If you feel like that's what needs to be done, Here's a list of phones with somewhat similar features to the S7 that could easily replace your potentially dangerous mobile. 

1. LG G5

A very underrated phone, on the count that it's one of the first phones to have a dual camera. It's also a unique handset since you can swap in accessories such as its camera grip or digital audio amplifier. 


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2. Google Pixel XL

When it comes to power and size, Google Pixel XL is one worthy competitor of the Note 7. You get unlimited storage for life with this handset since Google will back up your files on the cloud for free. Plus it's new in the market and is made by one of the biggest companies in the industry. 

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3. HTC 10

The rival of the Samsung Galaxy S7 proves itself to be a competetive handset. It's a very sturdy phone, so if you want something that won't easily suffer from wear and tear, you can go for this one as a Note 7 substitute. HTC also promises two days of battery life on a single charge. Two whole days! 

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4. iPhone 7 Plus

Yes, it's quite expensive but it will give you bang for your buck. Sure, the features are very different from what you were used to with Samsung, but you'll be able to adjust sooner or later because of its user-friendly interface. The lack of a headphone jack has its pros and cons but to convinve you further, we only have one word to say: AirPods.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Of course, the closest thing to a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be a phone that also comes from the same brand. Though it's not as big as the Note 7, at least you wouldn't have a difficult time adjusting to the features because the two are very similar in terms of controls. Plus, no explosions have been reported...yet. 

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