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Wireless Charging, Laser Tech, And Other Things That Make The LG G3 A Winner!

With its awesome hardware, the LG G3 almost feels like a handset straight out of a sci-fi movie
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 2, 2014
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Last year's LG G2 was an absolute beast of a gadget and was hailed by a few reports as the best in the business.

So you could understand why we're all giddy anticipating how its successor will be like. It can only get better, right?

And better, it is. For those who think specs are everything, the device doesn't disappoint. For those who are more into gadget pogi points, it's a sure bet that it will get ogled by curious onlookers like a hot new female intern in an office filled with dudes.

Without further ado, check out the LG G3 below:

We can almost hear it ask, "Ain't I pretty?" But of course, like our ideal girl, it not only looks good but also has the hardware to die for. We list down its assets below!


lg g3 specs
That's a legit question. The darn thing only measures an anorexic 8.9 mm. thickaround as thick as a stack of four P1 coins. As such, it won't give you a hard time slipping it in your maong pants. And inside is some of the best mobile phone hardware known to man. More on that next.

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lg g3 specsThe zombies smelled that the brainier G3 is nearby

As expected, the G3 comes with a faster processor compared to the G2. Both are quad-cores, but the former's 801 Snapdragon chip is newer and slightly faster than the latter's. Sure, it's only a slight improvement (2.5GHz vs. 2.2GHz speed rating), but in an arena where faster is supposedly better, any speed bumpno matter how minisculeis always a plus.

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