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25 Of The Best Mobile Games You Can Play For Free

Get ready to use up that unused storage space
by Chise Alcantara | Sep 23, 2017
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We live by the saying, “the best things in life (and your Apple/Play Store) are free!” Here, rounds up a few free games you can download on your phone, which we enjoyed and can personally recommend that you waste your precious time on earth playing. 

1) Tilt To Live

You play as something that looks like a mouse pointer that moves by tilting your phone. The point of the game is to dodge hundreds of dots following you. It’s intensely addicting, but be forewarned, this takes looking stupid while playing mobile games to another level.

2) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Not gonna lie, it’s probably the easiest most casual MOBA out there and it does play suspiciously a lot like another popular MOBA, but it’s probably the future of gaming.

3) Hearthstone

It’s a pretty straightforward card game based on the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. It’s a pretty entertaining game that doesn’t have a really high skill cap, just don’t go all Leeroy Jenkins in and waste all of your in-game currency on useless cards because it does take quite a bit of playing before you can get really strong decks.

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4) Shadowverse

Hearthstone: Weaboo version. Just kidding. It’s a lot more fast paced than Hearthstone because of its evolved mechanic that turns your creatures into more scantily dressed versions of themselves.

5) Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2

In this action-packed side-scroller, you play a samurai that commands a diverse fleet of units that is adept in battling the undead to defend a magical gate.

6) 2048

It’s one of the best games to play while pooping if you don’t have Internet in the CR. Plus, you get to practice your multiples of two. It’s exponentially fun.

7) Wordscapes

Take every word game you can think of and put it into a single app and you got this. We have to give the developers credit, the don’t-download-anything-else-but-this mentality is a really good business strategy.

8) Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

When you gotta go fast and kick some ass then this is the game for you. Just don’t play Amy. No one likes her.

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9) Hungry Shark Evolution

The title kind of speaks for itself. You start as a little shark and keep on eating to evolve into a bigger shark. We don’t know how you can not think that’s awesome.

10) League of Stickman

Even if you’re not into League of Legends, this game still has pretty sweet graphics and gameplay. One of the best stickman games out there.

11) Zenonia 5

Unlike most RPGS, Zenonia actually has a pretty good PVP mode. Just make sure you have a good Internet connection if you don’t want to get one-shotted before you can even move.

12) Fallout Shelter

The people in the Fallout Universe aren’t usually expected to have safe lives but you can change that by running your very own vault! Those poor, poor citizens.


13) Pokemon GO

Wait, people still play that? Surprisingly, yes. And with the new raid system that allows you to challenge Legendary Pokémon, the long time players are a lot more active now.

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14) 4 Pics One Word

This thankfully has nothing to do with Two Girls On… that video, which should not be named. You just try to guess what’s similar between the four pictures.

15) Tap Tap Reborn 2

Another one of those games that makes you look like you’re sending a really long, intense, and angry email to a co-worker when you’re just actually trying to get a perfect score on Through the Fire and Flames.

16) VOEZ

Probably one of the most underrated games on this list. The game has a decent selection of trap music and really beautiful animation. Like really pretty. 

17) Asphalt 8: Airborne

Hands down, best graphics for a racing game on mobile (they did have eight tries to do it).

18) Diner Dash

Perfect representation of how the customer service industry is except that you can actually find the angry customers cute sometimes.

19) Striker 1945 II

An ode to old fighter plane arcade games. This game has all the weirdly sized, colorful machine gun bullets you can handle.

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20) Cooking Mama Let's Cook

Stop judging us. We actually learned how to cook for ourselves after playing a few levels. Now about the stuff we cooked being edible, that’s a whole other story.

21) Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

All the cats are extremely adorable except for that fat asshole that keeps on eating all the food every time it visits.

22) Smash Hit

This looks visually amazing for a mobile game and has a pretty surreal feel to it considering you’re playing as a silver ball thing that smashes through stuff.

23) Magikarp Jump

This game finally gave meaning to Magikarps’ unappreciated talents for splashing. For that we thank you, game. #JusticeForCarps

24) Inotia 4 Plus

This game goes hella deep with its story and it’s probably the best mobile RPG that will sort of remind you of Final Fantasy VII since you play a mysterious, semi-emo, less blond, mercenary for hire.

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25) Fighting Crime 2

You play as our Lord and Savior, Rodrigo Duterte and earn the assistance of other equally entertaining Pinoy Political figures and battle against the wrongdoers of the Philippines. You can also go Super Saiyang mode, which is hella awesome.

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