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Best Of CES 2015: 16 Awesomely Extraordinary Gadgets That Made Us Drool

None of the usual lappies, tablets, and phones here. Instead, we have next-gen stuff from the foremost event to exhibit next-gen stuff, the International Consumer Electronic Show!
by KC Calpo | Jan 13, 2015
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Okay, we'll be honest with you. Of course, we were excited for 2015 to begin and all, but we were also looking forward to only one tech event this January: the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES, one of the biggest annual gadget expos on earth. If you're not nodding your head right now, you're not a true geek.

But don't worry, as the fourth rule of Being A Geek clearly states that every geek should share their knowledge. So here goes... 

Held in Las Vegas earlier this month, this year's CES certainly didn't disappoint. A shitload of shiny, smart, and sexy new toys to be played with (and, quite possibly, go broke over) got intro'd. Below is a list of what we think are the most awesome products exhibited on the show floor this year.

None of the usual lappies, tablets, and phones here; we have 11 more months to go crazy over those. Instead, we focused on the ones that are extraordinary because, frankly, we're getting tired of the usuals.

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Gadget: Lenovo VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash

best of ces 2015Image via

#SelfiePaMore! Yep, Lenovo just gave selfieholics a belated Christmas gift with the Lenovo VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash. It does as its name says: It gives you the extra LED lighting required for your daily selfies—and takes away the need for over-filtering and editing on Instagram. This little thing can be hooked up to your phone's audio jack, and can light up as many as a hundred selfies in a single charge.

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Why the hell hasn't anyone done this before, right?


Gadget: Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

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As much as we like the cutting-edge stuff, we gotta admit we're also suckers for old-school tech. So we obviously squealed over the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 PMP (portable media player), which carries a product name we grew up with, but also gives its owners uncompressed sound files and upped audio quality.'s a PMP. With smartphones having tune-playing capabilities, new PMPs are becoming a rarity nowadays. But hey, here's one, and it's one nice mother!

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The NW-ZX2 will run on Android, has dual-band Wi-Fi, comes with the company's S-Master HX Digital Amplifier (for better, louder tunes), and supports multiple file formats. The only thing we don't like is the price: it'll retail for $1,119.99 (around P54,000). Ouch.


Gadget: Gogoro Smart Scooter

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At this year's CES, we saw one product that made us seriously think about ditching public transport and getting a scooter. It's not your typical scooter though; the Gogoro Smart Scooter is an electric scooter that you don't have to charge via wall outlet every day. Instead, you just swap out the dead battery for a fresh one at the nearest Gogoro swap station. It reminds us of an F1 race car—but yeah, you're going much, much slower and you're on two wheels. Still awesome though.


Gadgets: Curved TVs!

best of ces 2015

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CES 2015 was all about the curves—at least, when it comes to TVs. TCL, LG, and Samsung went at it with their 4K ultra-definition bets. TCL had its 65-inch Curved UHD TV, LG showcased its curved OLED TVs (up to 77 inches!), and Samsung unveiled its humongous curved UHD boob tubes (up to 88 inches). DAMN.

Sorry, normal flat TV. Time's up. You gotta go.


Gadget: Mercedes-Benz F 015

Video via Mercedes-Benz

In the highly unlikely event that we become filthy rich and can go all fancy with our cars, the first thing we'll do is spend for a Mercedes-Benz F 015 electric self-driving car.

Yes, it's a legit self-driving car. Looks a bit like an escape pod from Pacific Rim, if you ask us. Regardless, we'd give anything to see it navigate Manila's wild roads during rush hour.


Gadgets: Next-gen washing machines

best of ces 2015Image via

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Eternal Korean rivals Samsung and LG tussle in another product category: washing machines. You may not be all that interested right now, but you'd better know about these since your lady love would probably want them in your house.

We're talking about the Samsung ACTIVWash+ washing machine and LG's Twin Wash System. The latter goes for multitasking—you can do a smaller laundry load with the second, separate drawer while you're using the main drawer. Samsung aims for the condo dwellers and small-space residents with the ACTIVWash+'s built-in sink for delicates (read: lingeries) and pre-treatments.

Think about it this way: laundry day would become much easier if you have these.


Gadget: Saygus V2

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Alright, so one smartphone made it to our list after all. But the Saygus V2 stands out from the pack in two big ways. It comes with 64GB of onboard storage plus support for up to 320GB of external storage. And it has something Android users have longed to have out-of-the-box: root access a.k.a. the ability to tinker with your device's very software foundations (do this at your own risk!).


Gadget: Parrot Pot

Video via Parrot

We never thought we'd get excited over a plant pot. Seriously. Before you dismiss this as a product perfect for the tandercat set, take a look at the Parrot Pot. It has a smart irrigation system, water conservation mode, and a one-year battery life (among other features). Basically, as long as you remember to charge the pot and put water in the tank, your plant will keep on living.

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Oh, and you can download Parrot's app to monitor your plant while you're away, or even get advice on how to maintain your plants. Noice!


Gadget: Zolt USB adapter

best of ces 2015Image via

So all your gadgets are running out of juice. Get them all to 100-percent again with the Zolt USB adapter—it charges up to three of your mobile devices (laptop/smartphone/tablet) at the same time using only one power outlet! It's also smaller than your devices' stock adapters, and can be rotated for easier USB slot or power socket access.

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Zolt also gets extra brownie points for having a device/brand compatibility checker on its website. Great move, guys.


Gadget: SleepPhones

best of ces 2015Image via

We've all had neighbors who think a loud, drunken videoke session at 1 a.m. all the way to sunrise is an awesome idea. To these inconsiderate jackasses, we say:

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best of ces 2015GIF via

If you prefer a peaceful and impersonal approach, SleepPhones can probably get you through the night. The Bluetooth-enabled gadget gets you to Dreamland with a soft wireless headband with induction charging, integrated speakers, and your choice of sleepy-time music.

Yep, get this for us and we'll be much more pleasant to deal with in the morning.

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Gadget: Sony 4K Action Cam

best of ces 2015Image via

Dear consumers, GoPro isn't the only action camera on the market. Say hello to the Sony 4K Action Cam, which shoots shake-free footage in 4K resolution, goes against splashes and dust, and offers loop recording and live streaming.

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Also: Tony Hawk tested it. Therefore, it's cool.

Video via Action Cam on Youtube


Gadget: Airdog

What, you don't want an action cam? Okay. Here, have a drone:

Video via

We've been interested in personal drones since we spotted the Parrot AR 2.0 Quadricopter Elite Edition back in 2013. One drone caught our attention at CES 2015: the Airdog, which follows you around like a little loyal puppy via its AirLeash system, is foldable, and is Sony- and GoPro-friendly.

For those who don't like mounting action cams on themselves, this is a great alternative.


Gadget: Razer OSVR platform and headset

best of ces 2015Image via

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We love the Oculus Rift, but if the Razer OSVR platform and headset hits local shores, we may be forced to switch allegiances (or, at the very least, cheat on the Rift for a while). Razer wants to play peacemaker, and get everyone―developers, companies and industry leaders, even hackers―to use its open-source virtual reality platform. The goals are to produce a consumer-ready system and ultimately, to get more people to work with VR.


Gadget: CocoJet

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