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Start The Year Right By Playing These Games On Your Smartphone

Resolution #1: Kick boredom in the butt
by Tanya Umali | Jan 2, 2017
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Since Christmas is over, we're sure some of you have received techie gifts from your techie friends. Somewhere among the bunch of presents you've opened last December 25 could have been a smartphone that you just can't wait to use. And since it's a brand new year, you might want to start thinking of ways to kill your boredom with the help of your new phone.

Aside from the usual texting, Facebook browsing, and Instagram posting, why not try and download cool games for you to play with?

CSR Racing 2

There's just something highly addictive about choosing from a number of paint jobs for your digital car. You can also tune your rides for maximum speed while racing. 

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Unlike the first PVZ, you won't get bored with this one due to the endless number of levels and mini games you can play. Plus, it has a holiday-themed round and holiday-themed costumes for your plants. 

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Want to see your favorite superheroes fight in an epic battle? Now you can with Injustice. It's kind of like Tekken but the characters are DC superheroes. This goes beyond Batman vs. Superman.

Zombie Catchers

Not only will you be able to whoop the brains of the undead, you'll also earn some cash while doing it. 

Final Fortress

After beating some zombies, you might want a breather by playing a building game. Final Fortress is a post-apocalyptic game where you have to grow your fortress and gather survivors. 

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