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The 10 Best Smartphone Games Coming in 2014

Time to put down that Candy Crush addiction. Here are 10 games to give you a new addiction.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 10, 2014
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Put down that smartphone for a minute, and stop playing Candy Crush or Plants Vs. Zombies 2. While these two were some of the most addictive games last year, a fresh new batch of mobile awesomeness is coming our way that's sure to suck up hours and hours of our time.

Sure, you can just get a PS4 or an Xbox One and get your next-gen on. But what if all you've got is your trusty smartphone or tablet? And what if you simply don't have the time anymore to plop your butt down on the sofa and play games on the TV?

These mobile games below that are about to come this year are the answer. Below, 10 of what is exciting us the most and what we hope will get us glued to our 4- or 5-inch phone screens in 2014.

1) Wayward Saga


Release date: Mid 2014

Zelda meets Dark Souls meets Diablo in this new game from Rocketcat Games. This hack-n-slash action title intends to be one of the most difficult games for the mobile platform, in spite of its cool 16-bit inspired graphics. Character upgrades, random dungeons, throngs of monsters--this really ain't your next serving of Candy Crush.

2) Lego Minifigures Online


For IOS and Android
Release date: 2nd Quarter 2014

Our generation has a bond with Lego that can never ever be severed. So when the iconic toy is translated to games,we can't help but gobble them up. This one, coming to both iOS and Android has us excite for allowing us to do what Lego has always allowed us to do: build, collect, and then tear down those bricks. All these you do as you adventure across lands like Pirate World, Space World, and Medieval World.

3) The Collectables

For iOS
Release date: TBA 2014

This take-anywhere tactical action game is being developed by Crytek. If you've been following PC games lately, that's all you need to know really because that's the company that's behind Crysis, which is known for having some of the most eye-popping graphics in town. Will the new squad-based shooter measure up? We'll see but early screens are promising. 

4) Brothers In Arms 3


For iOS and Android
Release date: Early 2014

From the popular mobile game maker Gameloft comes this World War II shooter that's not short on spectacular set-piece scenes. Okay so it's not Call of Duty, but for a mobile game, the game's mechanics are some of the most fluid already. Taking your limb-popping WWII guns around town have never been bloodier!

5) The Witness

For iOS
Release date: Mid 2014

The mobile platform has paved the way for indie developers to compete with big companies. And one of the best in the biz right now, Jonathan Blow, is working on a title for the iPad. Blow, the man behind the indie hit platformer Braid, is working on this visually arresting puzzle title that's sure to please eyes and twist your brains as well.

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