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Summer Tech: Geeky Bikinis FTW!

These bikinis are more than just for sexy eye-candy!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 12, 2013
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Thanks to the onslaught of summer and our unending quest for palusot to see more skin, the big brains here in FHM came up with what we call Bikini Appreciation Month or BAM! We're currently enjoying it and, as such, expect a steady stream of features on skimpy swimsuits from our end this March and beyond, because the season of sun, sand, and sweat is no one-month affair here in FHM land!

Anyway, what do we have this time around to celebrate BAM? If you answered "next-gen bikinis and swimsuits that do more than just induce boners," then you sir, are correct. Thanks to tech's powers, they go beyond the "making babes look hotter" part and actually do other things aside from exposing cleavages, butt cheeks, and the other wonders of the female bod. We aren't hating on normal bikinis, but we think it's high time that they got an upgradeand not merely by making them skimpier. Check out our fine examples below.

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1. Solar-powered bikini

Image via ecouterre

Because there are no power outlets hidden beneath beach sand, Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Schneider came up with a solar-powered bikini that can charge gadgets. Made with thin photovoltaic film strips (tiny solar panels), it soaks up the sun's rays so it can juice up mp3 players and smartphones while the wearer does a little bit of sunbathing.

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2. Smart-Swim Bikini

Image via Coolest Gadgets

We love the sun, but too much exposure can be bad news. This is where the Smart-Swim Bikini comes in. This little bit of sweamwear lets the user know the amount of UV (ultra-violet) rays she's getting and alerts her if she's risking overexposure which can lead to a host of health problems including skin cancer. Now there's a tool that can save your skin, both literally and figuratively.

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3. iPod Bikini

Image via

For iPod-lovin' babes out there, the iPod Bikini can be your best, inanimate beach buddy! With its  built-in music controls, it lets you operate Apple's popular portable music player without even having to lay a finger on the device, perfect for the tamad gal in you. We're also digging the fact that it's lookin' all shiny, as if it's something straight out of a sci-fi movie. You gotta be brave to wear this, agaw eksena, teh!

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4. Bikini Life Jacket

Image via made-in-england

And because we're also on the subject of eye-popping beachwear, here's another that should pop your fancy. Called the Bikini Life Jacket, it boasts an enlarged rack and a huge behind. But hey, that ain't only for making gals look extra bootylicious (although we really welcome that part) as its plus-size parts make the whole thing function as a life-saving floatation device, hence the name.

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