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Of Invisibility Suits And Pokemon: 8 Awesome Tech Pranks That (Almost) Had Us Fooled

<em>Lokohan na 'to</em>, geeks! We list down the awesomest techie April Fools' pranks, some of which we actually wish were real!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 1, 2014
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We thank our clocks and calendars today. If it weren't for these seemingly mundane devices, we'd still be asking, "WTF is going on?"

Go on, check your Facebook feed, news sites, blogsjust go online. Chances are, you'll be seeing more than a few outrageous headlines and news items that will shock your socks off. And if you failed to remember that today is the first day of the fourth month of the year then, joke's on you, bro!

We'd now like to shift your attention to the world of tech and its bounty of geek minds. Every year, they've been able to pull off creative pranks and tricks. The stuff they come up with are often too good to be true, making us exclaim "Sayang naman!" with gusto when we realize that sh*t ain't real.

Below are some most outrageous pranks from the land of tech and gadgets. Think of this as a reminder that, well, jokes are fun! Happy April Fools', geeks!


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Google has just launched the video above that shows that pokémons are real andget thisyou can catch 'em! With the help of Google Maps, users will be able to reveal the location of the critters and snag them using their mobile phones (because apparently, they're invisible to the naked eye but not to your phone's camera). That's some cool AR right there!

The part about pokémons being real? Totally fake. The part about catching them? Real...sort of.

The newest version of Google Maps has been updated to include the challenge. Open the app, click the search bar, and you'll see a blue pokéball icon. Click "Press start" and you're good to go! Virtual pokémons will pop up via Google Maps in different locations around the world. We're told there are 150 of them and the deadline is only up to two in the afternoon, tomorrow. Bitin naman!

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techie april's fool pranks
Fellas, here's the new HTC Gluuv, a device that looks like it came from a sci-fi show. Beyond its futuristic exterior, the Gluuv has a host of features that are truly next-gen. You can pair it up with HTC's newest superphone, the M8, for a Full-HD experience; while the Social Fingerz feature lets you use gestures for social-networking interaction (i.e. making a thumbs-up sign to like something on Facebook).

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The best part? It also has an 87.2-megapixel camera for your photos and selfies. Too bad it's fake. Would've been a sight to see Daft Punk use it.



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