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9 Movies That Inspired Videogames

Ellen Page in <em>Beyond Two Souls</em> inspires us to make list about movies inspiring games
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 7, 2013
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With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, it’s easy to overlook the last remaining titles of the current generation.

One of these games is French developer Quantic Dreams’ Beyond Two Souls, an action thriller cut from the same cloth as 2010’s critically acclaimed Heavy Rain, from the same developer. Like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls features hyper-realistic visuals and aims for an honest-to-goodness cinematic storytelling experience.

                                                             ...and unfair boxing matches, apparently

In this tale about Jodie Holmes, a girl with a supernatural “friend” who's been with her since she was a young child, themes of death and whatever happens after it are explored. It’s also a coming-of-age tale in that you guide this character through 15 years of her life—from eight to 23—as she struggles for normalcy as powerful figures around her attempt to understand her mystery.

It’s a story that Stephen King would have loved to have written.

In its attempt to be a “movie-disguised-as-a-game,” its creators enlisted the talents of Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Defoe for the game’s headlining roles. While many actors have previously lent their voices to games, BTS is different in that it really borrows the likenesses of the actors, and not merely their voices. This trailer shows the result:

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