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Making Yours Look Ordinary: 7 Phones With Weird Designs

Stupidity or creativity?
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 21, 2013
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Ladies and gents, here's a question: What's the weirdest-looking phone you ever saw?

Some of you might say that old-school fliphone your Tita still texts on or that slider you used to have a few years ago. We tell you this, however: compared to the ones you're about to see, we bet your answers will look standard by comparison.

See below, seven phones with weird as heck designs that make us ask "Why oh why?"

1. Nokia 6800

weird smartphonesLooks like: A handheld Transformer with a truckload of buttons having ten fingers might not be enough.

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What we say: The 6800 appears as a normal candybar phone for casual checking and texting, but when you want to type longer, faster, it flips and turns to become a QWERTY handset. This isn't only for show. Based on our experience with handsets offering QWERTY keypads, using two hands and having more keys to press on makes for faster texting. It also makes you look like the cool kid of the nerdy bunch ten years ago.

2. Elfoid

weird smartphones
Looks like: A creepy, handheld mannequin that can star in its own horror thriller flick

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What we say: Weand we think we're speaking for the whole human race hereabsolutely don't want to wake up next to this thing. Elfoid is a doll-shaped phone, and you use it by talking to its belly. It then "talks" back through a speaker on its head, playing the voice of the person on the other end of the line. If that's not enough to creep your socks off, it also moves and vibrates, making you feel like a giant holding a puny human on your palm. And, just so you know, this device came from Japan. Sabi na eh.

3. Golden Buddha Phone

weird smartphonesLooks like: A pimped out makeup kit for your jowa

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What we say: Looking like something a matrona would love, the Golden Buddha Phone is a clamshell device covered in gold making it bizarre and expensive. It's priced at $1,750 or over P70,000. It comes with dual-SIM capabilities, a basic camera, an LCD screen, and an exterior littered with intricate symbols and designs. It also has a virtual prayer room feature to help you meditatewhich we think you seriously might need to do if buying a crazy gadget like this one ever crossed your mind.

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