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Blackberry Curve 3G

<p>BBM, BBM, anyone?</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Nov 4, 2010
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Yesterday, November 3, Blackberry introduced to the Philippine market the Blackberry Curve 3G.

[firstpara]This is the newest model of the smartphone brand and from the get-go, it seems Blackberry’s aim is to delete disconnection from their users’ vocab.

Because it is 3G, which means browsing is made faster, streaming music, smoother, and all-day BBM-ing, possible—apart from FB, Twitter, and tumblr, and Friendster, if you will.

Now, for those still not familiar with BBM, it’s Blackberry’s instant messaging application.

And right now, Blackberry folks would much rather stay connected there than their already-littered ym and gtalk and FB chat rooms. And we so get why.

It’s almost like an exclusive little club of Blackberry folks. No eager-beaver hiyee’s, no stalled messages, and none from that annoying little friend.

Positioning the Curve 3G between the high-end Blackberry Bold 9700 and the entry-level Curve 8520, Blackberry folks say the Curve 3G is “future proof.”

That is, apart from their much-appreciated trackpad, its qwerty keypad, and built-in GPS, the Curve 3G ships with the current OS Blackberry 5, but is already Blackberry 6-ready.

And for those who think Blackberry is still stuck in the seriousness of the businessman, the Blackberry has made the Curve 3G ready for work and play: memory is expandable up to 32GB, it has dedicated media keys, and it has a 2MP camera.


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