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Blackberry OS 7 Smartphones

Blacker than ever before!
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 25, 2011
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Blackberry phones can’t be accused of being unreliable; their batteries have never exploded on us.[firstpara] Nor can we describe them as tacky; they’re designed quite handsomely. And surely, these phones ain’t timid, as they’ve always managed to make us nod in approval every time we see someone update their Facebook statuses “via Blackberry” for the first time.

Blackberry has done well enough to defend their territory; it’s comfortable where it stands in the smartphone arena. Perhaps, a little too comfortable though as some pundits have observed that the phone isn’t really pushing any new ground, and feels that it might be a little too content on just keeping up with the Joneses. But here’s a little something that should quiet these pundits a notch: the new Blackberry 7 OS.

Just this August, RIM launched the OS armed with new features along with the first batch of Blackberry 7 OS-equipped phones. According to the phone’s makers, consumers can expect a better web browsing experience that’s up to 40% faster than the old system, zooming and panning enhancements, and full optimization for HTML5 (which geeks say will be the best web programming language ever!). The obligatory enhancements made for social media network are there as well: it now supports Facebook’s chat feature and its Social Feeds app consolidates updates from media, podcasts and favorites in one view. The OS also debuts the Blackberry Balance feature, whose promise is to make it easier to manage your work and private profiles.

Now whether those improvements are enough to win them awards in innovation will be enough, only time can tell. If you’re looking to see for yourself, we’ve put a gallery below of these new fancy-schmancy OS 7 smartphones.

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