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BlackBerry's Back: BB's Oddly Shaped Passport Smartphone Now In Pinas!

Our wallets beg us to avoid it at all costs. But the geek in us say that, in the right hands, BlackBerry's Passport is a mobile powerhouse that can help us get a lot of things done, even while we're on the road!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 25, 2014
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Heads up, geeks! BlackBerry is back in town!

It's no secret that the brand experienced more lows than highs in the past few years, no thanks to the Android revolution, the emergence of Windows Phone, and of course, Apple's iPhones. The end result: a market share that's dwindling faster than our 13th month pay during the holiday season.

But, like Chris Algieri in his futile match-up against Manny Pacquiao, BlackBerry refuses to fold and be KO'd. And this time around, the brand goes all out! Their weapon of choice: a new superphone that'squite literallyunlike anything we've ever seen before, and it's now here in the Philippines!

BB calls it the Passport, a squarish, powerful piece of mobile gadgetry that's shaped like, well, your passport!

blackberry passport

Its weird appearance had us thinking: What the eff was BlackBerry thinking?

Fortunately, the company already spilled the beans on why the darn thing is shaped that way. According to them, the Passport is optimized for reading, thanks to a larger horizontal screen size which can show more characters than your average smartphone. In other words, you'll do less side-to-side swipes whenever you're reading, say, the latest issue of your fave eMag on it (speaking of which, give our ladies some love and DL the latest FHM issue here).

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We're also told that the unusual shape of the 4.5-inch display provides a better, fuller view of layouts and designscertainly good news for our architect bros. For online scribblers such as ourselves, the Passport's aspect ratio means we'll see more of whatever masterpiece (ahem!) we're currently writing because the virtual keyboard will take up less space. Long story short, like previous BlackBerry offerings, this one's made for professionals!

Video via BlackBerry

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