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Huwaw! This Square-ish BlackBerry Smartphone Is Made For Pro Bros!

With a shape that reminds us of a passport, the BlackBerry Passport is certainly not your average phone!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 9, 2014
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‘Sup, BlackBerry? We missed you! How have you been? We’ve heard about your troubles, but it looks like you’re still alive and kicking.

And may we add that your latest creation, the Passport, looks really unique...

Check it out, fellas!

blackberry passport(Image credit:

Sporting a unique shape that reminds us of a booklet rather than a smartphone, the Passport is certainly the blockiest handset we’ve seen in a long while. Now the obligatory question: “What’s up with that?”

According to BlackBerry, professionals will like the Passport's unique shape. For example, the 4.5-inch touchscreen will be able to show design layouts for our architect bros with less hassle (read: less swiping from left to right). And for writers, the size and aspect ratio of the screen mean the virtual keyboard will take less visual real-estate, letting you view more of your current work. By golly, we want one already!

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Here it is side-by-side with its regular-shaped kin:

blackberry passport"Mukhang marami kang nakain bro ah"
(Image credit:

By all indications, the Passport is made for business-minded peeps, and it certainly has the innards for it. It boasts of a quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in storage, a 13-megapixel main camera, and 4G LTE connectivity. Those are superphone-level specs right there!

The Passport will be officially launched later this year around September, although we’re not 100-percent sure if it will find its way to Pinoy hands. We bet it will though, as BlackBerry’s previous flagships have been released here, too—like the pogi Q10, which funnyman Ramon Bautista approves of!

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