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#BuhayNaBuhayPa: Geeks, Check Out The BlackBerry Z3!

A phone that screams elegance, as well as the proclamation that BlackBerry's still alive and kicking!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 24, 2014
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We've been hearing doom and gloom scenarios about them in the past couple of years, but at least now we can really say it out loud: Buhay na buhay pa ang BlackBerry! Geeks, look no further for proof than their brand-spankin' new Z3 smartphone! 

blackberry z3

And guess what, this fine slab of mobile tech is now available here in 'Pinas! Now let's take a look at its textured back side...

blackberry z3

...where it more pogi points reside!

We don't know about you but we really like the look of BlackBerry's latest spawn to hit local stores. It has a business-y, no nonsense mug that tells you it ain't for sissies and a sophisticated vibe that belongs inside an expensive LV bag.

blackberry z3

The Z3's insides aren't too shabby either. While we would've wanted a quad-core chip in it (it has a dual-core processor instead), at least it has 1.5GB of RAM for added multi-tasking muscle. Two cores aren't exactly that bad and should be enough for your smartphone needs, especially if your mobile itinerary consists mainly of taking selfies and wasting time on Minecraft and Flappy Bird.

Speaking of games, here's the Z3's biggest draw: it can run Android apps! You read that right, folks! Although it's technically not an Android device (it has a different operating system, called BlackBerry 10.2.1), you can install Android apps on it. Hell yeah!

blackberry z3

A couple of other nifties: the popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is still in the mix while Full-HD video recording is made possible by the 5-megapixel rear camera. Oh, before we forget, it also has a nice 5-inch touchscreen that's really responsive as heck.

If your geek senses are telling you it's a good buy, you should know that the Z3 is now locally available for P10,990. At that price point, it's one of the cheaper BlackBerry offerings to make it here, but not exactly cheap enough to be included in our kuripot list.

Still, have you ever heard of a BB that can run Android apps? That's a geeky ice-breaker right there!