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Jul 4, 2013
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Our soundtrip moments with Blaupunkt's new Style headphones told us one thing: We badly want one now! Aside from being your private audio companion, it also serves as a simple yet hip accessory. Its stylishly pleasant facade will appeal to folks who want their cans to have a tinge of personality. Couple that with high quality sounds and you've got a winner!

Simply put, it looks and sounds damn good.

blaupunkt style headphones philippines reviewComes with a big-ass box because size matters, even in packaging

We found ourselves using the Style for long durations, whether inside the office or in our homes. Yep, nilaspag namin siya, and by doing so we also discovered a few simple tricks that could help boost your headphones experience to more eargasmic levels. Check them out below!


1. Tinker with the mixer

blaupunkt style headphones philippines reviewClick through Start>Control Panel>Sound

While many of us are often content with how our headphones sound, you can further improve audio quality by tinkering with your computer's audio mixer/equalizer settings. Most desktops and notebooks already have this feature built-in. It gives you basic options like, say, increasing the bass or the higher notes, depending on what song you're listening to.

One of our guilty pleasures: listening to Roxee B's new song "WOW"

You can also access and use preset audio options to mimic how songs sound in certain places (e.g. auditorium, parking lot, mountains) or conditions for a more realistic feel. Getting the right mix might take a bit of practice, but we assure you your ears will thank you for it.

On the Blaupunkt Style: We tried doing this for the Style, but since it already sounded really good even on a variety of musical types (naks!), we kept the tinkering to a minimum. The Blaupunkt Style fits in with different genres, but to fully maximize its bass-booming capabilities we increased the bass setting on the mixerbut not so much as not to drown the other notes out.


2. Give your ears a rest

Believe it or not, we here at FHM don't just stare at sexy photos everyday, we work our ass off. And we like a bit of an audio rush while we're making our latest FHM 100 Sexiest write-ups or making sexy vids for your pleasure. That's why we (and we're sure you, too) want buds and cans we can use for more than a few minutes at a time. Sadly, you can't wear them 24/7 without your ears crying out for help.


blaupunkt style headphones philippines reviewTerno with the hair tie

Some sort of discomfort is likely to be experienced after long durations, so it pays to give your ears a rest. Remove your earphones or headphones at certain intervals and massage your ears, like every 30 minutes or soespecially if you're planning to listen to all the songs of the Eraserheads in one sitting.

On the Blaupunkt Style: Truth be told, even if it's a premium device, we still experienced discomfort with the Blaupunkt Style, but it came only after four to five hours of continuous use. Impressive, right? Comfy earpads FTW!

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