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7 Comfy And Cool Gaming Chairs Under P10,000

Sit on these thrones and rule as king, online and off
by KC Calpo | Sep 21, 2018
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There are two specific facts we must mention before we move on to our regular buy-this-product-now routine. First: laugh all you want, but e-sports is now considered an actual sporta sport that involves billions of dollars in prize money and endorsements. Hell, the only things stopping it from being recognized by the International Olympic Committee are its lack of sanctioning body and the usual “games-are-violent” reason.

So... ummm, to the friends we made fun of back in the ‘00s onward for getting hooked on CounterStrike, DotA, the Elder Scrolls, and Warcraft series, etc., we have only this to say:

(Bet your sweet ass you’ll still be told, “Kaka-computer mo yan”, though. Can’t help you fight your mother, either. You’ve already lost.)

Here in the Philippines, the government already recognizes e-sports as a sport, and e-sports players as athletes. Which leads us to the second fact: if you wanna get into this, you need to be damn serious about it. That means investing in a proper rig, putting in the time and effort to practice, finding or making your own team, and joining e-sports events.

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And of course, taking care of the secondarieslike finding the right chair to sit in. You could get your ass kicked in an e-sports event, but at least the real one would be extremely comfy on these seven under-10k options.

The sequel

We’ve talked about the Sharkoon Skiller SGS1 gaming chair in a prior article, but we’re now thinking about its younger sibling, the SGS2. The SGS2 switches from a synthetic leather surface to breathable fabrics, ensuring improved comfort, and minimal to zero pawis after long gaming sessions. This model also ups its design, gas piston, weight capacity, and reclining angles, letting you get into position much easier and quicker.

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We spotted an SGS2 post over at PC Hub, and with a P9,300 asking price if you’ll pay in cash and pick it up in their Gilmore shop. Its regular price is P11,090; and if you’ll have it shipped to where you are via LBC, the bill goes up to P16,045. So... pay in cash, in Gilmore.

Rakk on!

EasyPC’s e-sports gear brand Rakk Gear has other offerings aside from the ALO Gaming Chair we saw earlier. The Takus FX chair has a more racing-friendly look compared to the ALO’s serious vibe. But they’re both clad in the same vibrant colors (we spot red and blue!), plus the Takus has up to a 175º reclining angle and ample back and arm support.

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P4,800? We’re willing to pay the price. The Rakk website says it’s out of stock, but you could ask its partner stores for the chair’s price and availability.

Raiding party, anyone?

Some would say all gaming chairs look alike, and are made with the same features. Sure, that’s true in many cases. But, as with any consumer product, it’s the little things that seal the deal. With regard to the Raidmax Drakon DK706 chair, we’re liking two of them: its 180º reclining angle, and the adjustable pillows. Oooohhh la la.

We spy six colors for the DK706 over at PC Worx, but it comes at a higher price of P7,999.

Brazen brand

A quick look at BraZen’s website shows us that this British brand has a certain way with words. The Shadow PC gaming chair stood out to us mainly because of its carrying capacity (150kg, or 330 pounds) and its design, which follows the unspoken template for gaming chairs. But BraZen’s proclamation that the Shadow belongs in the office the same way it does at home makes us think... do gaming chairs now count as a “work expense”?

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We found a listing for the Shadow over at the brand’s official Lazada store, and it can be yours for P8,400.

You’re surrounded!

Here’s another one from BraZen. It’s a gaming chair, yesbut it’s foldable, has two speakers embedded in it for built-in audio effects, and connects to almost any gaming console and mobile device you have that has audio-output cables. It looks super comfy, too.

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The BraZen Sabre 2.0 Gaming Chair is available via the BraZen Lazada store for P7,000.

Light it up

Gamdias chose the perfect name for this gaming chair. Taking after Achilles, the Greek warrior, the Gamdias Achilles E1-L RGB Gaming Chair provides everything an e-sport athlete would need in their own digital war, minus that one known weakness. Support, comfort, style, a 200kg carrying capacity... and customizable RGB backlights. Put in a check for flair, too.

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PC Worx lists this Gamdias chair on its website, with a P9,999 retail price.

Seeing red

Yes, Christian Bale’s version of Batman, it does come in black. But red’s clearly the more dominant hue in the Redragon Metis C101-RB Ergonomic Chair, and you’ll just have to deal with it. It’s bright red down to its five wheels and provides every comfort you need while you’re being all aggressive up on that screen. So Game of Thrones-y!

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Dynaquest PC has this chair on offer, for P7,400.


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