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7 Headphones Under P2,000 That Don't Sacrifice Sound Quality

Sound on!
by KC Calpo | Jul 19, 2018
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If you want true peace and quiet, city living is not for you. Here, we all deal with an insane amount of noise pollution every day: muffler-less motorcycles and tricycles, officemates’ off-key renditions of epic power ballads, the endless DJ prattle from AM/FM radio stations, the constant yelling we hear while taking public transport, honking car and bus horns, neighbors’ drunken videoke sessions... should we continue?

You can either find a quiet place (NO, NOT THIS ONE) to relax and unwind, or turn the volume up on your own preferred sounds. You don’t have to blow this month’s entire budget on earphones and headphones; we made sure you can get high-quality audio accessories for a P2,000 maximum spend. So listen up, and enjoy! Just remember us as you soundtrip while leaning on a raindrop-spattered glass window.

Lightweight but heavy-duty

We’re all for keeping the 3.5mm jack on current mobile phone models. At the same time, we can’t help but gaze longingly at the wireless JBL T110BT in-ear earphones. This little creature is a deceptive one, too: who knew it could blast out some seriously deep bass? We also love that it has a six-hour battery life per charge, it’s capable of handling your voice calls, and its magnetic cable management literally takes care of the extras.

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Get the T110BT earphones via the JBL official store on Lazada for P1,749, or through resellers like Abenson for P1,999.

Over and out

Over-ear headphones more of your jam? JBL has another budget-friendly option for you: the T450 over-ear set. It’s wired, unlike the aforementioned T110BT, but offers the same convenience when answering calls (through a one-button remote with mic), and the same sound quality the brand’s renowned for. And for those worried about tangled wires and the general bulk of headphones: don’t worry, this one’s tangle-free and foldable.

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JBL’s official Lazada store carries the T450 (in black, white and blue), and for just P1,499.

Good oldie

Sure, we’ll always want the new gadgets. But we also love older models, particularly for headphones and earphones. The hype has died down a few years after their initial launch, and you get to see for yourself which parts of reviews are honest and which are... um, nicely worded. That’s true for the Audio-Technica CKS550iS, which promises and delivers a whole lotta Solid Bass. Audio-Technica’s holy trinity of Dual Magnetic-Field Drivers, Dual Bass Venting System, and Multiple-Transition Diaphragms give you all the booming lows in a small in-ear package.

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Get your bass boss over at Audio-Technica’s official Lazada store for P1,999 – just a peso below our set budget!

Ears closed

Here’s another headphone set that closes you off from the rest of this noisy, noisy world! The wired  Sennheiser HD206 goes over your two ears, not over your budget. As it does, you get amazing, balanced sound quality and long-term comfort, whether on your commute or in the studio!

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Like with the products mentioned before it, the HD 206 is available on Sennheiser’s official Lazada store for P1,995.

Stereo love

Let’s go back to them littles, shall we? Sennheiser’s MX 365 is also an older earphone model, but we imagine it’s a good option for the little ones in your life: your younger siblings and/or kids. The shinier blue and white variants just seem better suited for them while they play their mobile games. But keep their gadget and earphone time limited—they may not want to return them to you!

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It does have a lower P1,190 price point, so it won’t feel as bad if you don’t get them back. Where to get it? Guess. Come on. Do it.

With this band

We’ve said this multiple times already, and we’ll say it yet again. Sony may be a premium brand, but that doesn’t mean all its price tags hit the five-digit range upward. And sometimes, the four-digit-tagged products are the better bets! Its MDR-ZX110 headphones are the perfect example: they have a wide frequency range, are made for comfortable long-term use, keep external noise out, fold when not in use or during travel, and can accept incoming voice calls.

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For P1,499, that’s not bad at all!


We belatedly realize that the aforementioned audio accessories are made to be used during leisure time. What if you want to rock out to your tunes while you work out? The Urbanears Reimers just might be your next earphones. Its EarClick tech makes sure the buds stay in place as you move, and it’s cable’s sweat-proof and reflective—the latter, a boon for night workouts. And if you’re that hardcore that you can carry a conversation while you run... sure, this set takes calls, too.

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If you’re using an iOS device, you can get the iOS version of the Reimers over at Abenson’s website (on promo until the end of the month!) for P1,075. Still looking for a locally available Android counterpart, though.


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