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Canon Ixus 310 HS

<p>Not the kind of point-and-shoot we'd bat our eyelashes at</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 28, 2011
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Everyone wants to be a photographer, or so it seems.[firstpara] You can’t go out today without spotting some dude with some huge-ass DSLR hanging off of his neck.

And it’s all cool, because for sure, DSLRs will always be more capable than your standard compact shooter.

The Canon Ixus 310 though is anything but your standard compact shooter.

It’s the little, fancy camera that could, and one that would never give your neck a workout.

The camera is little. It’s not something you’d struggle putting in your pockets. The compact dimensions make it easy to slide in and out without your having to break a nail in the process. Tipping the scales at just 185 grams, safe to say, you won’t need to flex a lot of muscles to carry it around.

The camera’s physical form makes it a very attractive point-and-shoot camera. See a wonderful moment you’d like to capture? Taking it out of your pocket is a cinch, unless of course, you’re wearing extremely tight, balls-hugging jeans.

That the camera can be instantly turned on, and ready to shoot at a moment’s notice is definitely another notch in the belt for a point-and-shoot. In fact, calls it the camera’s strongest suit. They continue, adding that the camera is "able to focus immediately for your next shot. It is very fast. We love the camera’s simple yet ergonomic design as well."

It fits snugly, and doesn’t force your finger to contort into unnatural positions to make your shooting experience a breeze. On the back portion, you’ll notice the absence of any buttons except for the playback button. Taking the place of those? A beautiful 3.2-inch touchscreen. As with any touchscreen product, we’re bound to compare it to Apple’s touchscreen-equipped products. The verdict: don’t expect things to be as smooth. It’s workable and functional, but nothing worth writing home about.

What’s worth bragging about though is the camera’s image quality. Images come out very sharp at a max resolution of 12.1 megapixels. The lens is quite powerful too, and along with Canon’s trademark vibrancy in images, point-and-shooters will have a field day capturing the most colorful local fiestas, and whatnot. The camera’s wealth of image modes and shooting modes simply add more to the fun.

But as expected, the camera does under-perform in ill-lit conditions. Canon attempts to remedy this inherent weakness in most point-and-shoots by equipping this IXUS with a “high sensivity” sensor, but rarely does it satisfy. Even with its flash, you’re better off with a DSLR if you’re going to be shooting under less optimal conditions.

At 19,950 pesos, the Canon IXUS 310 HS is a smooth, powerful customer. At this price range, it’s hard to find something with better value.

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