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Case vs Caseless: How Do You Use Your Phone?

Enjoy the design or cover it all up for safety?
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 11, 2018
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There are rumors that the next iPhone release—an entry-level version of the X dubbed the iPhone XC—will come in a never before featured color. Can you guess which one it is below?

Anyway, that delightful orange hue has us thinking about phone cases: Do you rock one? Or do you think covering up what you paid for is wasting it? The two opposing schools of thought both have compelling arguments.

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Caseless is the best

Going caseless lets you enjoy the phone's industrial design and color that you paid (a lot) for. It's also the sleekest thing to slip into your pocket—even low-profile cases aren't the same compared to a truly naked gadget.

Besides, modern phones are all waterproof and Gorilla Glassed-up nowadays, right?

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You can also negate the number one reason for having a case (protection) by simply being mindful of your belongings. If you're mature enough to spend several thousand pesos on a phone, then you should be mature enough not to mindlessly drop it all over the place.


Only fools don't use protection

Some use cases for aesthetic purposes, but mostly it's because the world is a dangerous place, and phones are expensive and fragile—which is why a lot of dudes believe in wearing protection, sometimes they put on gargantuan covers that promise a return to Nokia-levels of hardiness.

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Probably sturdier than the wood beneath it tbh

Missing out on the "pure" feel of your phone is a small price to pay to never experience a shattered screen. And another benefit would be a case in pristine condition ready to be sold when you decide it's time to upgrade.

It's difficult to convert a believer from either side to cross over, but we all know in our hearts that the other is wrong. So, case or nah? And perhaps the only thing both would agree on is that nothing will ever top this legend when it comes to toughness:

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When your entire phone is a case

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