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Castlevania Turns 25 : Dracula's Quarter Century of Fail

Sucking blood since 1986
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 29, 2011
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On September 26, 1986, the very first game in the Castlevania series was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fast forward to 25 years later—now, if we must spell it out— Castlevania has become one of the most legendary names in the business, spanning generations of consoles, with more than 20 titles under its belt.

That’s quite a big achievement for a series that started out as nothing more than a simple platformer which involved a vampire-hating clan called the Belmonts, a majestic whip called the “Vampire Killer,” and a certain vampire called Dracula, who we bet you’ve heard of. Throughout the years, even as the gameplay has evolved, the primary directive of the heroes in the series has remained the same: rid the world of the most famous vampire in history.  

Indeed, there is, and there shall be no rest for the wicked. Most especially if you’re ol’ Drac. He’s been resurrected over and over again in the Castlevania series, and he’s been felled just as much. So, we ask: what is Dracula doing wrong? If he’s so powerful and all, why hasn’t he succeeded? Let’s look at some of the games in the series, and take a stab at the techniques he uses.  

Castlevania I (NES)

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