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Google Glass In CD-R King: 5 Questions That Need Answers, STAT!

Is Google's super hi-tech eyewear really coming to CD-R King? An intriguing poster had us asking that, and a few other questions as well!
by Neps Firmalan | May 12, 2014
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Have you been waiting for the Google Glass to arrive here in Pinas? CD-R King (probably) has you covered!

Wait, what? No freakin’ way, right?

Well, not really. Check out the poster below:

google glass cd-r king
It’s almost too good to be true, but that poster came straight from CD-R King’s official Facebook page. So yeah, it’s legit and not some mock-up done by a local nerd who’s been having wet dreams about the the Google Glass.

Knowing that, we’re now damn excited! And who wouldn’t be? The Google Glass is one of the greatest innovations in recent tech history. It can do mobile phone chores (e.g. make voice calls when paired with a smartphone), record videos through its built-in 5-megapixel shooter, and help you get back on track (with Google Maps) if you're lost and wearing your shirt inside out isn't working—all that while sitting pretty on your sweaty nose bridge.

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It also has augmented reality functions that allow it to display relevant information when you face compatible augmented reality-enabled material (e.g. a poster with an AR code) while wearing it.

In other words, it’s like this generation’s Dragonball Z scouter! Sweet!

Aside from what’s shown on the poster however, there are no other deets regarding CD-R King’s Google Glass plans. The company is also keeping mum on the issue, only saying that they will be posting more information soon. Bummer.

Damn you, CD-R King! Binitin ninyo kami! We can't wait for another damn announcement; we want our questions answered now, like...


google glass cd-r king
The poster isn’t clear on whether or not CD-R King is indeed talking about the real Google Glass or just a replica. Being that CD-R King’s specialty is offering cheap alternatives to branded gadgets and accessories, we’re guessing it will be the latter. We’re still hoping though that CD-R King will offer the real deal, and at a CD-R King price (read: pang-masa)! #Asa

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google glass cd-r king
This better be the case (pun shamelessly intended), and it doesn’t matter if we’ll be served the real Google Glass or a knock-off. Either way we’re talking about a super techie version of your dirty shades, so it goes without saying it needs some sort of protection. A hard case fits the bill nicely, protecting it from gasgas and alikabok when not in use.

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