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Best of CES 2014: 10 FTW Tech Toys!

Forget Michael Bay's meltdown, this year's edition of CES was overflowing with next-gen goodness! The future looks bright and shiny, indeed!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 14, 2014
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Michael Bay's epic meltdown will definitely go down as one of the highlights of this year's CES (Consumer Electronics Show), but that doesn't change the fact that the event can still be summed up in four words: A Techie's Ultimate Wonderland.

As always, the annual tech expo delivered drool-worthy news. A lot of big-time brands used it as the grand unveiling for their newest creations, much to the delight of geeks everywhere.

And which gadgets did we find to be the most patok out of CES 2014? We list ten of these next-gen, makes-us-want-to-giggle-like-schoolgirls new devices! Check them out below! 



What it is: A pen-shaped device that lets you 3D! Using melted plastic that quickly solidifies once applied on any surface (even on air), the 3Doodler can create 3D visuals, from simple letterings and cubes to scale models of the Eiffel Tower and other famous landmarks. You're basically limited only by your imagination, and by how well you can work with your pasmado hands.

FTW factor: You don't have to be an expert in drawing or doodling. Heck, we're told that even 12-year-old kids can use it.


best gadgets of ces 2014

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What it is: A console made by Valve. Yes, Valve, the creator of PC gaming hits like Half-Life and Portal.

FTW factor: It might be a console meant for living rooms, but the Steam Machine has PC-class innards, including as much as 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and even an Nvidia Titan GTX card. Hear that, Sony and Microsoft?


best gadgets of ces 2014

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What it is: A gigantic ultra-HD boob tube that can deliver resolutions four times that of full-HD TVs. That pimple on the face of the actor you're watching? Kita yan! It's also Internet-ready, letting you stream online content if you've grown tired of watching DVDs and cable TV.

FTW factor: Let's not forget, this is a 105-inch monster! Plus, it's curved! Too bad our messy sala might be too cramped for it.

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