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Techie-Pid: 7 Mobile Phones Below P1,000

Because a new phone can be such a wallet buster, here's our techie-pid list of mobile phones below one grand! No next-gen features here though, just a bunch of phones with super affordable price tags for the kuripot you!

Mar 4, 2014
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Imagine this scenario: Your trusty smartphone suddenly went kaput for whatever reason/Your Nokia 3210 gets snatched. As a result, your ability to digitally communicate has been severely crippled. 

Then, no thanks to certain financial reasons (i.e. your expenses during Valentine's Month), you find out that your purchasing power for a replacement is almost non-existent. Hassle sa masel!

So, ano na? #NgaNga na lang? In this day and age, it's hard to get by without a handset. You can try but, especially if you've been using one for years, you'll surely feel that something is missing. 

Because we're all bros with shallow pockets, we came up with a list of mobile phones you can buy for less than P1,000. Yes, cheaper than one grand! The ka-kuriputan-fest is below!


cheap phones philippines
A phone that reminds us of the good ol' candy bar handsets of the mid-2000s, the F15TV is small and light, both in size and price. We're also digging its subtle curvesif it was a person, it'd be the simple yet sexy lady next door.

Basic goodies: Mobile TV function, dual-SIM, FM radio, media player

Yours for: P999


cheap phones philippines
The cheapest mobile phone out of the unkabogable Starmobile, the Neptune B503 has that sleek and glossy look which can fool you into thinking it's more expensive than it really is. We reckon you won't be embarrassed showing it off in, say, that expensive coffee shop you frequent with your sosi friends.

Basic goodies: VGA camera, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, mobile TV, mobile flashlight

Yours for: P999


cheap phones philippines

A phone from a big-time brand below one grand (wow, rhyming!)? Dragons are real, hell freezes over, Beau Belga is thin! Fellas, believe us when we say this list isn't all about local phone companies. You want proof? The Nokia 105! This affordable, rectangular block of a phone isn't only cheap, it's also a toughie!

Basic goodies: Dust and splash proof keyboard, mobile flashlight, five pre-loaded games, FM radio

Yours for: P999

NEXT: Any guess on what's the cheapest on this list? The answer will surprise you!