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Cheers to the Bad-Ass Giant Robots of Our Childhood!

A huge nostalgia trip in more ways than one
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 9, 2013
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The sci-fi flick Pacific Rim, which stars larger-than-life antagonists and protagonists, is slated to arrive in local movie theatres on Thursday, July 11. Featuring the tried and tested Robots vs. Aliens recipe, it's one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Are we excited? Damn right we are!

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However, we already know what to expect from Pacific Rim (read: gigantic mano-a-mano combat), and while we think its plotline and top-notch CGI will surely make geeks wet their pants, we can't help but think of those old-school robots. You know, those giant 'bots that made their mark via cartoons and TV shows, and made us '80s and '90s kids pester our parents to buy us our very own Voltes V. Guillermo del Toro might not admit it, but we're pretty sure he got a lot of inspiration from these shows. 

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As a tribute to the giant robots that made our childhood a whole lot sweeter, we list down nine of our faves below. Because, old as they may be, they're still truly bad-ass.


1. Daimos

Vital robo-stats: 45 meters tall, 150 tons in weight

Our fave weapon: Double Blizzard, aka the one where raging tornadoes come out of his robo-boobs

Featured in one of the most popular Japanese cartoons to hit the Philippines in the '90s, the super robot Daimos transforms from a giant flying car-tractor into a lean and mean machine that can do a bit of karate-do. In fact, its finishing move involves no fancy projectiles and swords, just a lethal punch that rips through the metallic body of the sorry giant villain that dared to challenge it.


2. Mazinger Z

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