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The Chinese-Developed 'Pokémon GO' Training App Is Anything But Cute

No one told us that the hit game has already reached hell
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 17, 2016
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Every time China comes up with its own version of something, expect it to turn out as a sorry excuse for a knockoff.

The proud nation is the latest to get (and cash) in on the Pokémon GO craze, developing an application that will supposedly help those playing the hit augmented-reality game improve their Pokéball-throwing skills.

That is, if the graphics don't scare the shit out of them first.

Developers Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation didn't seem to have paid enough attention to the aesthetic side of things at the time they were creating the training app Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go.

What do you get when all you had to do was shamelessly copy, but fail at it and manage to summon a demon in the process? Scary creatures that the Chinese consider as "Pokémon."

Seriously, look...

Not sure if a Snorlax, Mickey Mouse, or the soul of an abandoned teddy bear

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U mad, Squirtle?

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Wait till you see their Pik-achoo and charmless Charmander.

Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go has a "less evil" version on Google Play store, but if you're brave enough to try out the real thing, here is the APK link.

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