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Clean Your Gadgets the Right Way!

Cheap tricks to get your tech clean and shiny again!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 9, 2012
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We here at FHM love our tech toys to bits—almost as much as we love our babes, we'd say. And, like our women, we like 'em squeeky clean inside and out, yung tipong parang zinonrox sa linis. Too bad though that gadget cleaning can be a tricky business and even dangerous for your devices, especially if you don't know how to do it properly.

But don't be discouraged, bud. We've got a few simple and easy tricks to help you free your dear gadgets from the clutches of dust, dirt, and grime. Because, really, it's such a waste to see them succumb to the rigors and unsightly nasties of everyday use. Sayang naman, di ba?

Check our gadget cleaning tips out below and learn how to restore 'em tech back to their sleek and shiny glory. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to make them last longer, too.


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Laptops are among the most powerful consumer devices normal peeps can buy today. They sport hardware that other gadgets can only dream of and, not to mention, high SRPs. Thus, if you have one, it's a must that you take care of it like it's an important investment, and you can start by rolling up your sleeves and cleaning it.

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1. Display

Laptops come with an assortment of dirt issues, but perhaps the most noticeable of which concerns the stains collected by the display. While certain screens prescribe a specific type of cleaning method, most of the time the remedy simply consists of a clean, lint-free cloth and water.

To do the trick, turn off the laptop first and make sure it's not connected to any source of electricity (this also applies whenever your cleaning any part of the device). Dampen the cloth a bit and wring it out thoroughly so that there's no drippage. Fold and gently wipe it across the screen. Repeat this step until residues and dirt are removed.

After that, get a dry piece of cloth and, with a bit more pressure, wipe the screen until moisture and any remaining dirt are absorbed. You could also buy cleaning kits at gadget/cleaning shops if you're feeling a bit iffy using home-made methods, but cloth and water should be enough.

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2. Keyboard

For the keyboard, get another piece of dry, lint-free cloth and run it across the keyboard. Get an old or unused dry toothbrush and gently remove dust and debris from between the keys. You could also fold the same cloth and use its edges to get beneath the buttons and other hard to reach areas. Wipe the keyboard again. If there's too much dirt trapped under the keyboard, you might have to remove the individual keys. However, we recommend having an expert do it for you, like that manong from your friendly neighborhood gadget repair shop.

3. Vents

You could also use the same toothbrush you used with the keyboard to clean the air vents and other openings on the exterior of your laptop. Be gentle and don't go too deep through the vents as you might inadvertedly damage the internal wiring of the device. Yes, treat it like a virgin. Wipe the dirt you've brushed out of the vents with a dry cloth.

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Pro tip: A soft, lint-free microfiber cloth works the best
Never: Use tissues, detergents, or cleaning agents (unless the manufacturer specifies you can use them)

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