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Feb 4, 2015
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It's already 2015, and by now it's pretty darn obvious that the mobile phone is a big part of daily life and everyday culture. We use it for work, for entertainment, for communication, and for everything in betweenfrom proclaiming how awesome the dish we're about to chomp down on is to showing everyone just how pogi we are through selfies. #GGSS

As such, many of us just can't function without it and must have it nearby 24/7/365. Heck, we bet that you, Mr./Ms. FHM.com.ph reader, have your smartphone with you right now!

There's nothing wrong with that fact, but it does make you ask this question: Just how attached are we to this wonder gizmo? A short video called Mr. Selfie by Weareseventeen (a London-based motion graphics and design studio) aims to answer that by showing us the silly things we do or experience when we're busy with our smartphone, such as...

Sleeping with our phone

smartphone obsession 

Checking it out even when we're inside the bathroom

smartphone obsession 

Walking like a dude hypnotized by his phone

smartphone obsession

Walking almost blindly while using it, even if this means a trip to the hospital or (gasp!) the morgue

smartphone obsession

Not noticing the huge pair of funbags sexy chick in front of us because we're too digitally preoccupied

smartphone obsession

Not knowing WTF is going on around us because we're busy staring into its beautiful touchscreen

smartphone obsession

And that's just the first half of the video. The second half? Let's just say it will open your eyes on how obsessed we are with our phones that we're practically missing out on one really important thing: Life.

Here's the full video to see what we mean:

Video via weareseventeen

Makes you think of all the awesome stuff you might've missed because you're too busy poking your phone, no? Hey, are you still with us? Hoy!