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Hardware Highlight: 6 Reasons Why The CloudFone Thrill 600FHD Had Us Drooling

Seldom does our gadget-lust act up and focus on a locally-branded device. This is one of those times.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 29, 2014
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Few gadgets can have us going like this:

cloudfone thrill 600fhdGIF via Justgif.com

For the drool to roll, the gadget must be awesome in its own way/s. Since we're a discriminating buch of feelingerong geeks, it's not a frequent happening. And, we admit, oftentimes the techie object of our affection was made by a foreign brand.

Not this time around though.

Geeks, let us introduce you to device from a local brand that had us drooling and giggling like pre-pubescent girls looking at a picture of The Biebs: the CloudFone Thrill 600FHD phablet!

cloudfone thrill 600fhd

It looks like the run-of-the-mill phablet. The thing is, it's not out to blow you away in terms of superstar looks. Rather, it will, uhm, thrill you with what it has under the hood! Here are six reasons why it deserves geek attention!


cloudfone thrill 600fhdGIF via Blog.viewster.com

A locally-branded octa-core phone? Yessir! This makes the device a rarity because the current smartphone arena is still primarily populated by dual- and quad-core phones. This also makes the Thrill 600FHD a mobile speedster that will take care of your apps and software chores with less lags and slow-downs. Trivia: it runs on MediaTek’s MT6592 mobile CPU which is actually the world's first true octa-core processor! #NowYouKnow


cloudfone thrill 600fhd
The need to put a smartphone closer to our face just to see the visuals better is right up there together with annoying text scammers in our list of most annoying techie pet peeves of all time. Just like with bewbs paychecks, larger is better, and the Thrill 600FHD doesn't disappoint. It packs a humongous 6-inch touchscreen that delivers squint-free viewing your lolo will approve of.

NEXT: It's large outside and inside!