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Coming this month: Max Payne for Android and iOS devices

Lock and load!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 9, 2012
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Get your fingers ready for some hardcore shoot 'em down action as one of the most popular third-person shooters will be jumping on the mobile bandwagon very soon. So, what game are we talking about here? Rockstar Games' Max Payne, and it's coming to an Android and iOS device near you this April.

iOS users will get first servings of Max Payne on April 12, or later this week. Those on Google's mobile platform will have to wait 2 weeks longer since April 26 is the scheduled roll-out day for Android. As for supported devices, we're told that the iPhone 3GS all the way to the iPhone 4S and all iPad iterations will be able to run the game while the list for the little green robot is still TBA. Max Payne mobile will bring goodies like HD graphics, high-resolution textures, exclusive goodies via Rockstar Games' Social Club feature, and customizable touch controls. No word yet on pricing although the good thing is we're going to find more details on that end within the next few days seeing that the iOS debut is within the week.

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We're curious on how gameplay and overall feel will be like since, as we all know, it's not easy to make a touch-centric version of something originally made to be used with PC peripherals or gaming controllers. You could say it's a hit or miss affair (which is appropriate for the game, given its nature) but, hey, if the mobile version proves to be as good as advertised, then we could have another potential bestseller here. We're itching to find out for ourselves.

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