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COMPUTEX 2012: ASUS TAICHI is a notebook/tablet with 2 displays

Suddenly, your laptop looks so mainstream
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 4, 2012
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See that one in the image above? That, dear Techies, is the ASUS TAICHI, a device that's among the most interesting we've seen in recent years. Why? Well, it's a notebook/tablet hybrid that also has, get this, two displays! See? We told you so.

Unveiled at the start of Computex 2012, the TAICHI (which comes in 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch variants) is an ultraportable device that you can use like an ordinary laptop or as a tablet. Open it up and it looks like a notebook, complete with a keyboard and trackpad. Closing the lid reveals another display which lets you use the whole device as a tablet, complete with a stylus. As for what's under the hood, the TAICHI is well-endowed. It sports an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 chip, 4GB of RAM, solid-state storage, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, two cameras, and Super IPS+ displays. And, the good news is, ASUS claims that TAICHI is as thin and light as the Zenbooks despite packing two displays and a full array of physical connectivity ports. Now that's something!

However, there's still no word yet on pricing and availability (something that we expected) since the unit that was demoed is only a prototype. Guess we'll have to patiently wait for more official deets, and we will. Anyway, we're still only at the starting line of this year's Computex and, if the ASUS TAICHI is any indication, we're in for a lot more noteworthy gadget announcements, hopefully each one more drool-worthy than the last.

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