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Confessions Of An Unapologetic 'EverWing' Addict

We know we’re annoying, but that won’t stop us
by Chise Alcantara | Jul 8, 2017
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EverWing is one of Facebook’s notorious browser games that gives you special incentives (them sweet, sweet trophies) if you share links of the game with friends. Though with its insane popularity, it’s hard to find anyone on FB that hasn’t heard of this game—heck, we’ve probably sent them a game invite already.

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Seriously though, EverWing has built quite the name for itself because of its evil yet ingenious way of advertising because it capitalizes on addicts players like us who want to play the game in the most efficient ways possible. So if you’re wondering kung bakit nagpakain na sa sistema ng EverWing yung mga friends and acquaintances mo, please, take time to read our sad excuses to justify our addiction so you can hopefully not unfriend least until we get over this phase.

1) It’s not that great of a game

But it is hella addicting. The game makes use of ridiculously simple and familiar concepts and mechanics that can be picked up in less than a minute of playing. It’s basically Space Invaders mixed with a bit of Pepsi Man or Temple Run, with things like passive gold and exp[erience] generation that’ll keep you glued to your phone to constantly check if your faeries have come back from their quest. It’s just so easy to start a game during idle moments of the day and play for a few minutes, which makes it one of the go-to activities of bored/boring people.

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2) We’ve interacted with more people than we’d care to

One of the downsides to this relatively okay game is the fact that you have to suck up your pride and admit to the world that you actually play browser games, which is really not coolest thing to be known for. This is especially embarrassing when you have to challenge new players to complete your missions. We’ve messaged people we’ve been avoiding for years just to keep our mission streak going.

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3) We often forget that we’re actually playing a game as faeries

That shoot flower beams at fluffy multi-colored monsters? It isn’t the manliest thing ever, for sure, but who cares? You barely notice your character while playing because your finger is probably blocking your view. And dude, you get freaking dragons as sidekicks. That’s some Daenerys Targeryen stuff right there, and who hasn’t dreamed of becoming the mother of the dragons? We know we have. One point for EverWing!

4) We know we could be making better use of our time

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While it may look like we’re wasting our lives playing this dead end game, we’d just like you to know that you’re completely correct in your assumption. We’re fully aware that playing this godforsaken game won’t get us anywhere in life, but, arguably, neither will other forms of procrastination… so walang basagan ng trip!

5) We know we’re annoying

We understand that waking up to a message notification in the early hours of the morning only to be greeted by a picture of our smug faces inviting you to play a game you could care less about is testing our friendship, but we NEED those sexy, perfect, fully evolved dragons. So we’re genuinely, #sorrynotsorry.

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