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Sep 16, 2013
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This rainy, pang-cuddle weather got us reminiscing again... And this time, our brain cells focused on a game with a lot of bang and boom: Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike, or simply Kawnter or CS in compushop linggo, is one of the most popular games of the past decade. It was an explosively enjoyable game, with its effects going well beyond the usual ratratan it's associated with. For instance, it's one of the reasons why our high-school allowance kept on disappearing and why FlipTop-like trashtalking sprouted. And have you heard about that kid who was accused of "comsatting" (read: cheating by peeking) then got stabbed in the head by a huge-ass kitchen knife...and frigging survived?

CS was violent, that we admit. But, despite what your momma's nagging tell you, the game taught us a few lessons, some of which we used to survive in the biggest and hardest game of all: Life. Yes, ang cheesy namin pre, but why don't you scroll down below to see what we mean.

1. No place for
mañana habit

counter-strike lessons
In CS: Especially in maps with bomb sites, it's key to be first. If you're a terrorist, planting the bomb before the counter-terrorists have their defenses ready is a great way to rattle them. If you're on the other side, getting to the bomb site ahead of the enemy turns the tide to your favor.

In real life: The same goes in real life, minus the bombs and the defusal kits. If you need something and you can get it now, take it. If an opportunity presents itself, do what Rufa Mae says and go lang ng go. Better than sulking in the end with regret, right?

2. Abangers are always out to get 'ya


In CS: Abangers, those sneaky bastards that hide in dark places (e.g. behind boxes, in corners), are always in the game, killing their victims before they knew what hit them.

In real life: They're the equivalent of those who are always waiting for you to be vulnerable. And when you are, they'll pull you down for their own benefit. So always be careful and don't be too trusting. We're not saying be paranoid, but it pays to know the people around you a bit more.

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