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8 Craziest Selfie Gizmos Of All Time

Say "cheese"...and "WTF!"
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 28, 2015
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You may not admit to being a selfie addict but you have snapped up photos of yourself to show the world how physically attractive you are (or that you're living the life). For anyone who has a smartphone, it's not a question of if but rather of how many. #Aminin

Such is the power of the selfie trend, which goes right down to the human need of getting noticed that has plagued us ever since cavemen drew on walls to say "notice me senpai!" "we were here." To address this need, devices have been created, most notably camera-sporting handsets and its partner-in-crime, the equally-ubiquitous monopod.

Sometimes though, our penchant for inventing stuff yields very, uhm, interesting results. The same can be said for the creation of selfie devices. See below, eight of the craziest gizmos you can use to capture the best self-portrait (which have the side effect of making those who witness the deed ask WTF is wrong with you).


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That is no mere toaster, gents. Aside from making wonderfully crisp and warm loaf slices, it also toasts your face on the bread. It's probably not the most flattering image of you (it's composed of dark, burned lines), but at least now you can say you're indeed "yummy." Ha! You didn't see that "pun" coming, did you? Okay, we'll stop now.

The Selfie Toaster is available for $75 (around P4,000) over at Burnt Impressions to handle your selfie and breakfast needs.


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We lost a bit of respect for Acer when we learned that the ginormous tech company has created the Selfie Hat, which is basically a huge, glitzy, pink sombrero that comes with a built-in tablet (hanging from the brim) you can use to take selfies with. We mean, why so sexist? How about making a leather basketball cap version (with no glitters, please), for us guys, too?

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Created for the 2014 London Fashion Week, the Selfie Hat became available on a limited run last year. How much? €750 or around P38,000. Oh, the horror!


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For narcissistic Forever Alones, that's the Selfie Arm, a unique take on the monopod which features a fake arm for the illusion that you're sharing your (supposedly) happy life with someone. Created by a pair of artists from New Mexico, Aric Snee and Justin Crowe, the Selfie Arm is made of fiberglass, making it quite lightweight and durable. However, it didn't reach mainstream retail, which explains why you won't be dumbfounded upon seeing someone use it in real life anytime soon.


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Because taking a photo of your face is so mainstream, here's the Belfie Stick, a contraption that lets you snap a photo of your bum (lovingly called a "belfie") without you having to summon your inner contortionist. It features an adjustable, bent design for angular convenience and is currently up for pre-order at


Video via HellmannsMayo

Renowed mayonnaise company Hellman's once became so bored, they decided to create a system for creating selfies using mayo as part of one of their campaigns last year. A food truck went around the U.K. and took photos of participants, with a 3D robot "printing" the self-portrait on a burger patty. Perfect with the Selfie Toaster, yes?



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The KW1 Selfie Camera is a Sony device that has a fragrant secret: it doubles as a perfume bottle! Forget its 19.2-megapixel camera or 3.3-inch touchscreen, the main draw of this device lies in its ability to hold liquid perfume so you can smell like the most sophisticated chick in the 'hood. It also comes with a self-timer and a few "beautification" options the opposite sex will adore.

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The KW1 Selfie Camera was sold in China late last year for the low, low price of $845 (around P38,100) because, apparently, a lot of ladies are into all sorts of glitzy, tricked-out gizmos over there. Sounds like us when it comes to cars.


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We all stand in front of a mirror to see if we don't look like a homeless person before we step outside, so why not also use it to take a photo of our bagong-ligo selves? With that in mind, American digital agency firm iStrategyLabs created the S.E.L.F.I.E. (Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine) which is basically a high-tech mirror that has a camera and wireless connectivity for instant selfie uploads. No word yet if it'll be offered to regular consumers so our boring regular mirrors will have to do for now.


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