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Cure Your Nomophobia With Juiceboxx!

It's solar-powered!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 19, 2013
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"Wait, what?"

That might be your reaction upon first hearing the word "Nomophobia." We can't blame you; it's not really in the vocabulary of the average guy or gal, but it's really quite simple and not something that's nakaka-nosebleed. Nomophobia is a new kind of phobia that describes the irrational fear or anxiety brought about by being away from your mobile device.

Nakaka-relate ba kayo? Just think about it: How many times have you had a mini heart attack because your phone's batt suddenly died just when you really need it? Hassle, right? The good news is, we've got just the product that can solve that problem and hopefully shoo away Nomophobia from ruining your day.

Enter, the Juiceboxx:

solar charger price philippines

The Juiceboxx is actually an external battery-charging device that can power your mobile devices, from your smartphone and MP3 player to your tablet. Not really a first butget thisit has a solar-powered version that can juice up your device using sunlight! And, if that's not enough, you can actually charge multiple (three to four) gadgets simultaneously. It's also quite handy and portable, which makes lugging it around far from a chore.

juiceboxx solar charger philippines

As for capacity, a fully-charged Juiceboxx can fill up three iPhones before needing to be charged itself either by a laptop or by leaving it out to soak up some sun. Not bad, right?

juiceboxx solar charger philippines

This Nomophobia-fighting device is now available for P999 for the non-solar unit and P1,999 for the solar-powered model. Go to the S&R and Puregold nearest you to buy one, you overly-attached user you!

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