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Gudjab, Government: Customs Donates Almost 4,000 Seized Laptops To DepEd!

It's a good move overall, but there's still something a bit off about it...
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 7, 2014
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In news that restored our faith on the government one eensie-weensie bit, the BoC (Bureau of Customs) donated seized laptops to the DepEd (Department of Education). The total number of units: almost 4,000. Whoa! That's enough to supply a whole lot of comp shops!

Even Chuck approves:

customes donates to deped
According to Yugatech, the said laptops were entry-level ASUS computers totaling 3,915. They were seized by the Bureau of Customs from consignee ORZA Marketing for undervaluation and misdeclaration. As for the specs, there were no official details from the Bureau of Customs, although we're told that they are not suitable for business use based on features, hence the donation for educational purposes.

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“It is our goal to expedite the disposition of forfeited items so that we can help decongest the ports and maximize returns–whether in terms of revenues or other non-monetary benefits–for our government and our people,” the BoC said in a statement. These laptops will then be distributed to public elementary and high schools. Good job, sirs! Isang palakpak at tatlong padyak para sa inyo!

customs donates to deped
We have one beef with this good deed though. As it turns out, the laptops were seized way back in 2011 and were actually approved for donation in 2012, but it's only now that it's being implemented. That's three long years of waiting!

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According to the BoC, it took time to process and waive storage, demurrage (read: detention of the materials after the allowed time for loading and unloading), and other port charges. We don't know about you but we smell something fishy here think those laptops are now in the cusp of being obsolete. #KamotUlo

Still a good move overall we say, especially for the DepEd which, as we all know, was recently engaged in another techie issue. Getting computers for free is much better than paying P400,000 for one, right? Let's just hope these old lappies are still goodies.

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