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Cyber Black Friday Has Begun! 10 Awesome Deals You Can Get Now!

The most fantastic sale season has started in America! Learn how bargain-loving Pinoys can join in on the (budget-friendly) fun!  
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 26, 2013
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Cyber Black Friday na, mga repapips!

What is "Cyber Black Friday" you ask? Is it the new, 21st-century version of the Mahal Na Araw?


cyber black friday philippinesWhen we first heard of this Cyber Black Friday thing

Cyber Black Friday is actually an online shopping event. It's the Internet counterpart of Black Friday, a gargantuan annual American shopping event that happens every first Friday after Thanksgiving (that's on November 29 this year).

This year's CBF has expanded into a week-long shopping spree, where lots and lots of stateside retailers offer nice discounts over a huge range of products, from those made for cleaning your kuyukot to gadgets!

And, yes, despite today not being Friday, it has now begun!

cyber black friday philippines

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As for its origins, we're told that CBF made its debut about four years ago, when the site attempted to describe the brief but sweet post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas shopping brouhaha. CBF ends on the first Monday after Thanksgiving (that's on December 2), which is also called Cyber Monday.

So, is Cyber Black Friday only for the US to enjoy? N-O-!

If there's one big misconception about Cyber Black Friday, it's this: Everyone can avail of it! All you need is to do a little bit of researching. Also, follow these tips:

1) Go grab a credit card

cyber black friday philippinesCredit cards are bad news, especially if you lack the funds but have the splurging tendency of a Napoles. However, if you're hell-bent on joining the Cyber Black Friday, then it makes sense if you have a credit card at hand.

2) Be pals with PayPal

cyber black friday philippines
If you don't like transacting solely via credit card, sign up for PayPal. Their service allows you to pay for products online using your bank account, credit card, or even hard cash. This keeps your payment options versatile, may it be for local or international purchases. And since PayPal is sikat, many major online shops like Walmart and Sears offer it to their customers.

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3) Search for those with international shipping

cyber black friday philippines
If you're planning to make some CBF deals online, make sure first that the retailer offers international shipping. Remember: not all major online shops offer international shipping to the Philippines. For example, Amazon has it (depending on the product) but Best Buy doesn't.

4) Have a reliable forwarder

cyber black friday philippines
If you want an additional delivery option other than international shipping, then go with a reliable package forwarder. For the uninitiated, a package forwarder is a company that delivers products to places that otherwise might not be supported by the store where the items were bought.

This removes the hassle of looking for retailers that can deliver to your country, as well as give you more options to buy from, especially during a big sale event like CBF. For example, lets you have a US mailing address where you can have items delivered. They will then deliver the products to you, even if you're on the other side of the globe.

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5) Have your US-based friends or relatives ship it to you!

cyber black friday philippinesNow if you don't want the hassles the previous tips entail, then kontratahin mo na lang ang mga OFW friends or relatives mo! Have them buy the products for you and deliver them through an international courier service or via a balikbayan box. Basta bayaran mo sila ha?

However, in the case of balikbayan boxes, make sure that the items you want delivered are allowable by law, lest you want the Bureau of Customs to come knocking on your door. Click here to know what can go inside a BB.

Now that you've learned how to join Cyber Black Friday, it's time to give you a peek at some of the awesome deals you can avail of! Go to the next page, bargain hunters!

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