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Here's A Wearable Gizmo That Predicts When You Need To, Uhm, Poop

No more Mr. Poopy Pants!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 4, 2015
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There are two kinds of poop: the one you can hear rumbling a mile away and the silent killer that strikes when you least expect it. While the former can be really explosive, it's the latter that we really have to be wary of. After all, we're not always a stone's throw away from the toilet.

Fortunately for those who want none of this crap, a wearable device is now being developed that might just spell the end for this shitty situation. Enter the D Free:

Video via D Free

Advertised as a wearable poop-predicting device that you put on your tummy, the D Free tells you when you need to go by tuning in to the activity inside your intestines. According to the company that's developing it, Triple W, the D Free shows you how much time you have before you really need to head to the comfort roomeven if you're not feeling anythinggiving you a head start over a potentially messy problem.

We're also told that the device connects to your smartphone and comes with an app that keeps track of your toilet trips. The more you use it, the more D Free "learns" your pooping habits, enabling it to give more accurate alerts.

d free

And don't you worry about it further crowding your shirtthe darn thing is really small, about the same size as a belt buckle. It's unclear though how it will stay on your beer belly as no belts or straps are seen on the video. A magic, non-skin irritating adhesive, perhaps?

Before you judge it as another pointless device just because you haven't crapped your pants in your life, know that there's real use for D Free. It's a godsend for people who have trouble keeping their bowel movement in check such as the elderly and those whose motor functions have been compromised by a disease or an accident.

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