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Dead Island: 7 Cool Weapons in a Videogame Zombie Apocalypse

Scare away them ghoulies
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 8, 2011
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There is no cure for this plague.[firstpara] As long as gamers have that bloodthirsty need to mow through scores upon scores of enemies, zombies will continue to thrive in their shambly, brain-eating ways.

They’re fun pickings: easy to kill, ugly, and are the best subjects for anyone who wants to find out how deadly common household items really are (see: Dead Rising)

This week, we get to renew that obsession, as the newest zombie game aiming to leave its own bite mark in the genre has just been released: Dead Island. The “Dead” in the title lets you know that this is a bon-a-fide zombie game. So how about the “Island”? The game takes place in one, in the fictional resort town of Banoi, where something has happened, hence transforming vacationers and bellboys into…well, undead vacationers and bellboys.

You might say it’s like Resident Evil and some resort tycoon game had a child. Only, you might want to add Fallout 3 in the equation too. Dead Island tries to set itself apart by not only letting you blow zombies to bits, but also by adding significant role-playing elements.

The action and the atmosphere is just as tense as in a good, modern zombie flick, while the custom weapon creation and upgrade structure, the leveling system, and side quests shape the game’s RPG-like feel.

It’s not as straightforward as Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, nor as creepy as Resident Evil, but the zombies, no doubt, are still just as satisfying to kill especially when you get to play around with the more powerful anti-undead devices later on.

Speaking of anti-undead devices, how about we now take a look at some of our favorite weapons we’ve used in past zombie games. Guaranteed to make any rotting flesh bag with a taste for braaaains shamble in fear.

Rocket Launcher from Resident Evil series

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