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Demon's Souls

<p>Don't count J-RPGs out just yet!</p>
| Oct 8, 2009
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Dark, brooding and beautiful, Demon’s Souls is one of the best Japanese-style RPGs to come out this year. While there have been a lot of disappointing JRPGs lately, Demon’s Souls comes along proving that JRPGs can still be as engaging and enjoyable as Western-style RPGs like Fallout 3 or Fable 2. [firstpara]
Set in the dreadful Kingdom of Boletaria, (which has seemingly been taken over by the scariest demons in this universe) Demon’s SoulsBioshock, which had one of the best-looking environments in the world of games, you’ll find that the world of Demon’s Souls is just as immersive. With its crumbling castles, dark, damp dungeons, and a myriad of other dark fantasy-themed settings, you sometimes have to stop just to appreciate all that visual beauty—scary though it may be at times.

The challenge that Demon’s Souls presents will definitely give your thumbs a workout, and test your patience as well. Ambushes, environmental perils, and gargantuan bosses hell-bent to destroy you all play a part in making your life a living hell. But the challenge is so, so worth it. They are engaging and though there is a lot of trial-and-error involved, you just can’t help but forge on.

For one, character customization is very deep. You select a class at the start, but you can branch off into a variety of specialties as you meet certain prerequisites. The choice is yours if you want to be adept at the magic arts or you want to become a melee monster. The power to shape your characters as you desire, along with the imaginative selection of mystical weapons and armor will have you satisfyingly hacking and slashing your way to the very end. The combat itself is addictive. It has a simple start but going along, you’ll find that you’ll have to be more deliberate with your every move. Unless you want to die more quickly, of course.

Combining excellent character designs, a moody, gritty fantasy world, and testosterone-driven combat, Demon’s Souls is a game you’d love to sink your teeth into. We do, however, acknowledge that it’s not for everyone. If you demand an extremely challenging RPG, and are not afraid to have your mettle tested to the limits, you’ll want to give Demon Souls a shot.
is not for the weak-hearted. The atmosphere in here draws you in like few other games can. If you have played

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