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5 Reasons You Should Play Diablo III: Reaper of Souls With Your Jowa

We know Valetine's Day has passed, but we're thinking it would've been the perfect time to launch <em>Diablo III: Reaper of Souls</em> because of these reasons.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 26, 2014
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Did the title surprise you? Of course it did!

When we say Diablo III, we normally think of a game where a lone dude crawls his way through a virtual world filled with all the nightmarish nasties you'd have to hack and slash your way through to victory. Is there an image of a romantic date in there somewhere? Nada.

But hold that thought for a second.

We actually came to Singapore to witness the official launch of Diablo III's first expansion, Reaper of Souls. As expected, gamers and geeks came in droves to particiapte in the event. And because the Diablo franchise's kasikatan goes beyond hardcore gaming circles, we also spotted even the ones you'd deem as "non-gamers" (yuppies, mothers, businessmen, and even a couple of lolas).

diablo 3 reaper of souls philippinesWe got our geek on for this event!

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And then it hit us. Seeing the number of people who flocked to the event and Reaper of Souls' game-tastic upgrades, we came to this realization: Hey, you and, yes, even your jowa might like and treat it as a sort of "couple's game," something that RPGs aren't exactly known for.

diablo 3 reaper of souls philippinesThe mandatory cosplayers posing as Diablo III characters

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Before you say "Weh, 'di nga?" and dismiss this assertion as a load of bull, hear us out first and take a look at the simple reasons below. Who knows? Maybe after reading this, you will see Diablo III in a different, more romantic light.


As we've said (and it's no secret), Diablo III is filled with bangungot-inducing creatures and places. While that might mean scaring the sh*t out of your girl, you could actually use this to your advantage. The plan: Ask her to play with you. If she refuses, promise this as a one-time affair (and that you'd give her something "special" later).

diablo 3 reaper of souls philippinesYou when saving your girl from a bunch of ogres, zombies, and hellspawns

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Teach her the basics of the game first. And, when you're finally in the game together, constantly assure your girl that you'd guard her with all your life. And when she starts to get a bit comfortablet, dito ka na pumasok, pre! Allow her to lean on your shoulder and reassuringly place your arm around her. This will give her the idea that you actually mean it when you said, "Got yo' back, babe."

Now that you're comfortably playing the game. Your partner will no longer think of it as a scary excuse to spend time but, rather, an event where you can snuggle and she'll feel protected by you and your level 50 character. #AngCheesyLang


When we say play with her, we mean really include her in the action. Make her feel powerful and not just another damsel in distress who needs her knight in Diablo III armor. Speaking of power, Reaper of Souls' newest character class, the Crusader, is the perfect epitome of this.

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diablo 3 reaper of souls philippinesHere's Reaper of Souls' Senior Game Designer Michael Chu. He looks like he's on Cloud 9, and he should feel happy, Diablo III's latest expansion is the bomb!

Michael Chu, the expansion's senior game designer, describes the Crusader as a tank not just in defense but also in offense. "The Crusader is a holy warrior, like Diablo II's Paladin. He has excellent melee skills and mid-range options to slay your enemies while having tough resistant from hits," he says.

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diablo 3 reaper of souls philippinesWe'll say it: armor, club, and all, she still looks H-O-T!

Let your girl choose this character class (and teach her the ropes). Don't worry; as with other characters, you can choose a female version. Give her time to practice and, once she gets the hang of it, she'll feel she's no weakling and might just enjoy killing demons and other baddies because of her newfound skills. The female crusader won't win any style or beauty contests, so be quick to remind her that this ain't a fashion show. She prabably won't mind with all the power she has anyway. Your girl will love it when she can fend off for herself, whether it's in the game or in real life.

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With her Crusader and your own character, conquer the world of Diablo, couple style!

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