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Digimon Is Back With 'Digimon Survive'

All you hipster kids who chose it over Pokemon, rejoice!
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 31, 2018
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Real talk: Digimon doesn't actually ape Pokemon as bad as you'd think it does—it actually started life as a Tamagotchi-like virtual petbut it was still pretty hard for the franchise to shake off the copycat taunts especially as it arrived shortly after Pikachu and co. crossed over the ocean from Japan to the mainstream world.

As children, we have clear memories of peers going "ew, Digimon" and ostracizing poor souls who either had well-meaning parents that bought the wrong thing or simply chose the less-popular game of the time. Seriously, kids are brutal and the shame was real. Anyway, Digimon didn't fade away into obscurity and carved out an audience of its own but has obviously taken a backseat to all the recent Pokemon hype (aka PoGo)–cue Bandai Namco's revitalization of the franchise with Digimon Survive.


Now that was surprisingly melancholic and grim, wasn't it? Survive stars four youth who get transported into a dangerous world and each discovers and bond with a Digimon to get them through a world with "death & danger." It combines the exploration, talking heads, and dialogue from something like Persona with turn-based strategy gameplay during battles. Here's a preview from the developer livestream:

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We'd almost forgotten that Digimon could talk! Also, the look of that classroom just tells us that this is not a kiddie game at all. It comes out in 2019 and will be available on all the major platforms: PS4, PC, Switch, and even XB1. Now that we are grown men who can make decisions without peer pressure, will you be picking up Digimon Survive?

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