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Here's How You Can Disable Those Annoying App Updates

Time to get rid of those pesky updates
by Andrei Medina | Feb 24, 2017
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A lot of people are now using Android devices, whether as a mode of communication, leisure or entertainment.

That’s why it’s important for them to always have their apps updated with the latest version. Thankfully, the Google Play Store’s default settings are set to update each app on your device automatically.

But what if for some reason, you don’t want to have your apps automatically updated every time you connect to the Internet?

Maybe you prefer your current app version or simply don’t want to get frustrated with the initial bugs that usually come with a new update.

The thing is, not everyone wants to update their apps right away.

To solve this slightly annoying problem, Gadgets 360 created a quick step-by-step guide on how to disable your auto app updates.

Disabling the update of a specific app:

1) Go to Google Play Store
2) Hit the menu button (the three horizontal lines stacked on each other) on the upper left
3) Select “My apps & games” and manually search for the app or you can just type in the name of the app on the search bar
4) Touch the three-dot icon on the upper right then simply uncheck the auto-update option

If you really want to do everything manually then you can also opt to disable all the updates:

1) Go to Google Play Store
2) Hit the menu button on the upper left then select “Settings”
3) You will find an “Auto-update apps” option under the General tab
4) Simply select the “Do not auto-update apps” option

And voila, problem solved!

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