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FHM Goes Diving With the Sony Cyber-shot TX20!

This one's built for the outdoors!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 15, 2012
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It's still several months away before we say hello again to the season of sun and sand, but the thought of hitting the beach once more has been teasing us to no end. That's until our steely resolve to be kuripot finally broke down.

We gave in to this vacation urge and went to Coron, Palawan. It was spontaneity at its very best! And thanks to a favorable spot within the busy schedule of Ginoong Hanging Habagat, we were able to enjoy our little beachscapade without the heavens raining on our parade. Lucky us!

We also luckily was able to document our adventure—you know, for our Facebook photo album's sake, and also to make our killjoy friends turn green with envy—with an impreesive little shooter, the Sony Cyber-shot TX20. How impressive? Let's just say this digital camera is not afraid of anythying, even water. Gets

Protection with style

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If we weren't clear enough with what the TX20, allow us to blurt it out: This baby's waterproof. And the good thing about the TX20's waterproof-ability is, unlike other can soak cameras, it's housed in a sleek frame. Don't get us wrong; it still has the necessary protective casing from H20 (up to 16 feet), it just looks like it isn't there. We don't know if that's really reassuring for all, but it's definitely a plus point for us.

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Pocket-friendly imprint

Aside from being sleek, the TX20 is one small camera. It easily slides into your jeans pocket and won't take up much space inside your man-purse. It's also very lightweight at just 133g, which bodes well in terms of portability.

Built for the outdoors

The TX20 is also dust-resistant and shockproof up to about five feet. That means you won't have to worry about it malfunctioning if you accidentally drop it. Let's be clear though that we're very much against you testing this feature out. Just trust us.

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Capable little shooter

But enough of the TX20's looks and durability. After all, a camera will still suck hard if it won't function well for the very thing it's made for. With 16.2 megapixels of imaging goodness, you can blow up the images you take with the TX20 to larger-than-normal sizes. It also boasts of 8x of zoom (via the Clear Image Zoom feature), which, based on our experience with it, means you can take photos of distant islands without losing much image quality.

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We can also say that its colors are accurate. And here's another positive note: the TX20 still functions well even in low-light situations. Noise is still a factor but not as irritating as compared to other digital cameras in its class. The TX20 also has other nifty add-ons like 1080p Full HD recording and panorama view (it lets you take very wide shots, perfect for landscape shooting, or for taking photos of very fat people).

Lastly, we loved the fact that you won't have to go through a steep learning curve to use the TX20 to its full potential. Its user-interface and overall navigation is easy to master, even if you're a noob at photography. Plus, it helps that it's got a touchscreen, too!

And now, a demo! We pulled some shots from our trip an put them in the gallery below to show you what the TX20 is capable of (and of what an awesome time we had during our trip). We also left some shooting-wth-the-TX20 tips there, just more proof why this cam should be one of the items to bring to the beach.

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Note: The Sony cyber-shot TX20 retails locally for P19,000

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