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This Pizza Chain Uses Drones Instead Of People For Their Deliveries

Here's more proof that robots will soon take over
by Tanya Umali | Aug 30, 2016
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We’re pretty sure you've already seen a drone. It's those helicopter-like devices where cameras can be attached to provide a bird’s eye view of any landscape. It’s quite possible that you’ve seen one hovering above a park or along a beach.

Apart from taking videos and pictures high above the ground, however, drones could also function as a pizza delivery guy.

You read that right.

A Domino’s Pizza chain in Auckland, New Zealand has just conducted the first test flight of their drone pizza delivery service. The DRU Drone, as the pizza chain calls it, “is the next stage of the company’s expansion into the Artificial Intelligence space, which provides us with the ability to adopt and develop new technologies for customers to order from.”

Here is the video of the delivery to satisfy your curiosity:

And yes, the pizza arrived safely (thank goodness).

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Domino’s New Zealand will be partnering with Flirtey, a drone-delivery company, for this effort. The demonstration which the two companies made serves as a go signal for trial store-to-door drone deliveries this year at selected places in the country.


This isn’t the first time though that Domino’s tried out drone deliveries. In 2013, Domino’s UK conducted a test flight. They used an eco-friendly remote-controlled machine called the DemiCopter, owned by drone specialist AeroSight, Big Communications, and creative agency T + Biscuits.

It’s pretty similar to what the Kiwis did but the Brits didn’t push through because, unlike in New Zealand where they allow businesses to use unmanned aircrafts for commercial use, UK doesn’t allow drone deliveries.

In case you're wondering, The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) allows drone use for commercial use in the country as long as it is registered with them. The company that would use the drone needs to secure a certificate in order to operate it. So how about it, Domino's PH?

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