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Don't Piss Off Your Facebook Friends!

Here are a few simple ways to avoid the heat
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 22, 2012
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Are you on Facebook? Wait, we think we already know the answer to that one. Here's a more interesting question: Have you pissed someone off on Facebook?

For those of you who answered yes, how unfortunate but hey, shit happens. For those who answered no, kudos! As in real life, ayaw namin ng away, maski sa Facebook, so here are a few very simple tips to avoid social media heat and you're ass being labeled as a Facebook douchebag.

Don't flood/spam

One of the best things about Facebook is being able to share just about anything under the sun. You might even think of it as the core of the whole social-networking experience. However, things can get a bit iffy when you go all rambo on sharing things, especially if you flood your News Feed with content irrelevant to your friends' interests or needs.

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For example, it's okay to play Facebook games. Heck, we all play 'em. However, it gets really distracting when you begin bombarding others with posts that you need, say, lumber for your new farm in FarmVille. You might just end up being bestowed with a nuisance tag.

Don't be too needlessly emo

A shrink might tell you that letting out your feelings is good, even healthy. The same can be said in Facebook; no one can stop you from saying how bad your day has been or how your heart has been hurting since your ex left.

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But no one wil sympathize with you if you do it 365:24/7. We get it, life sucks, but its the same for many of us. The only difference between you and them is they don't go bitching about it always via Mark Z's spawn. And if you do this because, well, you just want to? Then not only are you overly dramatic, you're also KSP and not to mention irritating.

If it's really that bad, why don't you try logging off, go for a walk, and personally meet up with your friends or family. Nothing like a little personal talk with your loved ones to put things into perspective, right?

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