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Geeks Combine Doom and Super Mario—And The Result Is Awesome!

Doom + Super Mario = Awesomeness! God bless creative geeks who have too much time on their hands!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 23, 2014
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Doom and Super Mario: They're two of the gaming world's most iconic titles. Destroying friendships and making us call shotgun on consoles and PCs in the '90s, both games will forever be remembered as epic time-wasters, not to mention being the stars of lunchtime school canteen kwentuhan.

doom the golden souls

doom the golden souls

That being said, Doom and Super Mario are also different on so many levels. One is a side-scroller featuring a pudgy Italian plumber (or his skinny, green-loving bro) with a funny accent that curbstomps cute turtles and ignites our materialistic desires via amassing tons of gold while in pursuit of a girl in a cartoony fantasy world. The other is a 3D sci-fi horror fest that has more firepower than the entire Philippine military and more monsters than all gorefest Halloween movies combined.

So seeing these games together in a mash-up was something we didn't expect. But since the world is full of geeks with too much time on their hands, well, you know what's next: Someone combined Doom and Super Mario in one game! And, the result looks awesome!

doom the golden souls

Called Doom: The Golden Souls, the game has Doom's first-person and gun-toting gameplay set in the world of Super Mario 64. However, instead of goombas and cute little critters, the game is populated by grotesque baddies, the ones that will have us screaming these badass anime babes' names for help.

Here's a GIF-tastic peek at the gameplay via Kotaku:

doom the golden souls

Developed by the geeks of Zdoom.org, the game revolves around the collection of gold coins and souls (hence, the name) which you need to buy stuff like medkits and ammo as well as to unlock more stages. Based from what we've seen, Doom: The Golden Souls doesn't have the kind of visuals that can give your eyes an orgasm, but we guess that's part of its appeal. Nothing like seeing pixelated 2D graphics to really have that blast-from-the-past feel, right? (Although we'd be lying if we say we won't play a 4K remake powered by gaming beasts like this pair from MSI.)

Here's the preview video:

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