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'Dota 2' Champions Share How They Conquered The Manila Masters

Team Evil Geniuses took home a whopping P6 million
by Andrei Medina | Jun 1, 2017
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Team Evil Geniuses from the US is the first-ever champion of the Manila Masters, a grueling three-day professional gaming event that happened over the weekend.

The team’s victory was far from a cakewalk. First, they had to prove their Dota 2 gaming mettle against Canada’s Team NP in the losers bracket through a do-or-die match with the following members:

-Saahil Arora (UNiVeRsE)
-Artour Babaev (Arteezy)
-Sumail Hassan (Suma1L)
-Team Captain Andreas Nielsen (Cr1t-)
-Ludwig Wåhlberg (zai)

After emerging as the winners, Evil Geniuses then had to face China’s Team Newbee in the finals.

They scored an upset over their heavily favored opponents to complete an epic comeback and collect the grand prize of $125,000 (roughly P6.2 million) from the total $250,000 pool.

Here’s their winning game:

Despite their success, the members of the team remained down-to-earth and even offered a few pointers to aspiring pro gamers on how to succeed in the top-level tournament.

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1) Learn from your failures

In a panel interview via the YouTube channel Dota 2 Twitch Clips, Ludwig Wåhlberg relates, “I think we picked a lot of form since our first loss against Newbee. After that loss, we had to figure a lot of stuff out for this tournament.”

2) Develop a wordless affinity with your teammates

Artour Babaev underscores creating a relationship among team members where you can communicate without using words.

“When a huge fight breaks out, we actually can’t even hear each other. So, we just assume what’s happening around. Couldn’t really hear.”


3) Have fun while playing

Wåhlberg adds one essential, all-around tip which is easily applicable to life in general.

“It’s fun when we play. It’s not like super serious, strict when we play. It’s definitely lighthearted. The atmosphere, when we play... Whenever we play in serious matches in tournaments we always try hard but there’s always a bit of cheerfulness going on as well.”

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4) Use the patch updates to your advantage

Every so often, tweaks are made in the game, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on your hero mastery. Babaev says it’s best to constantly check out the change log and adjust your gameplay based on the new meta.

“I enjoy playing Razor. If you enjoy playing a hero you might play it better. I just think a lot of this patch is focused on things like laning and Razor’s really strong at laning.”

5) Never give up

Babaev recounts getting owned by Newbee intially, but that didn’t stop him from making plays.

“I think the turning point was when they, after killing me like 11 times with their lasso... The 12th time they went on us, they went on the Enchantress instead of me and they didn’t finish him off and I was able to actually live through a fight and get a full link off on the Lifestealer. And then we just won the fight because they were all out of position because he went so far in to chase the Enchantress.”

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Congratulations on winning Manila Masters, Evil Geniuses!



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