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Jul 5, 2013
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It's a sad time for the world of tech: Douglas Engelbart, the man widely credited as the inventor of the computer mouse, is dead.

According to the interwebs, Engelbart passed away last July 2 at the ripe old age of 88 due to kidney failure. His passing adds to the list of iconic tech personalities who have bitten the dust in the past few years, including Apple co-founder and former El Kapitan Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie, the father of C programming. RIP, good sirs.

the first computer mouseLadies and gents, the first computer mouse

We join all our fellow geeks in mourning. You should, too, for it would be damn hard to use a PC today if Engelbart didn't put his thinking cap on for the benefit of us all.

As a tribute to someone whose contributions affect the lives of billions of computer owners and users, here are nine clicktastic computer mice that have quirky designs and can do more than the average pointer could.

Scroll down and see unusual-yet-useful variants of a device that greatly simplified our lives.


1. EMS Muscle Mouse

unusual and useful computer mouse designs
Want to get a bit of a massage but you're too lazy to haul your ass away from the computer? The EMS Muscle Mouse could give you just thatno kidding! Aside from letting you digitally and virtually navigate your computer, it can also stimulate specific muscles thanks to its electro-stimulation pads which vibrate every time you move the device. Connect these pads to the mouse, slap 'em to any part of your body, point and click, and, voila!, instant masahe!


2. Nyko Air Flo

unusual and useful computer mouse designsIn the middle of a heated battle in DoTA while clicking away in a hot sweaty den? Let the Nyko Air Flo mouse cool things a bit for you! Its built-in fan blows wind out of its side air vents for a cooler mousing experience.

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