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Dragon's Crown Now Out, Fulfills Promise As Booby Game

Latest Vanillaware game is action-packed and amazingly curvy
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 7, 2013
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Dragon’s Crown, a side-scrolling action-RPG title for the PS3 and the PS Vita, has been on our radar since the year began. The teaser screenshots we found online paired with the sterling reputation of the game’s maker, Vanillaware, had us hyped for the title.

That the characters in the game looked like this surely didn’t slow its cause:

The game has now been released, and the consensus has so far been positive. The vivid, bold art style made famous by older Vanillaware games such as Muramasa for the Wii and Odin Sphere for the PS2 is as stunning as ever. Look at it, and tell us that it doesn’t inspire you to draw something, anything. The beautifully drawn backgrounds and the big, majestic bosses make for a breathtaking visual experience.

The action style, while distinct from past titles, carries the same busy pace: fast, fluid, almost impossible to keep up with. There are six different playable characters: the fighter, dwarf, sorceress, amazon, elf, and wizard. And each has a distinctive play style, and unique abilities that alter the experience. The combination of these elements—visuals, gameplay, and depth—make for a 2D action game that feels modern, and cool, and fun.

Yet, we now go back to what initially piqued our interest, namely these:

The game has received some flak for its sexualized depictions, and resulted in a minor spat between gaming website Kotaku, and the game’s artist, George Kamitani. In a letter sent by Kamitani, he addressed the issues, saying that the style was crafted to allow the game to stand out (which we think it really did):

”I believe that the basic fantasy motifs seen in Dungeons & Dragons and the work of J.R.R. Tolkien have a style that is very attractive, and I chose to use some orthodox ones in my basic designs. However, if I left those designs as is, they won’t stand out amongst the many fantasy designs already in the video game/comic/movie/etc. space. Because of that, I decided to exaggerate all of my character designs in a cartoonish fashion.

I exaggerated the silhouettes of all the masculine features in the male characters, the feminine features in female characters, and the monster-like features in the monsters from many different angles until each had a unique feel to them. I apologize to those who were made uncomfortable by the art’s appearance, and did not see the same light-hearted fantasy in my designs.”

That kind of portrayal of women, however, is in no way exclusive to Dragon’s Crown. Sexy female game characters, for better or worse, are a part of gaming culture. And if you ask us, our take is that, hey, it’s nice to look at something attractive when playing a game.

The way the sorceress’s chest, well, flaps around is comical. But on the next page are other games that did the jiggle, too. It's our proof that, yes, gamers have always been a fan of big boobs. Click now!

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